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escapegamesEscape Games

Where? Manchester, Bristol, Bath, Budapest

“Do you want to play a game..?” A freakish mash-up of Saw, Lost, The Crystal Maze, Hostel and The Cube. You and your fellow stags will be locked in a room, you have 60 just minutes to save yourselves and the clock is already ticking. Fail and it’s most definitely “game over”!

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tankbattlesUltimate Tank Battles

Where? Birmingham, Cheltenham, Nottingham

Take charge of a selection of military heavy metal. Once you’ve mastered the basics you’ll face each other in a drive off. The winner will get to express his road rage tank style by driving up and over a family sized car. Get ready to rumble!

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bushcraftexperienceBushcraft Survival Skills

Where? Torquay, Exeter

Everything from shelter building, fire-starting, knife and axe work, through to catching and cooking your own dinner. If any of the guys have ever needed to ‘man-up’ or if there’s a chance of them getting dropped off in the wild with just a compass and a biro then this will arm the guys for everything mother nature can throw at them.

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ultimateribexperienceUltimate Rib Experience

Where? London

High speed stag thrills that will put hangovers and breakfast to the test as you bounce, skim and fly over the River Thames at roughly “Aaaaaarrrghhh!” miles an hour. This is Bond style action on one of the world’s most famous waterways.

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stripdinnerSexy Strip Dinner

Where? Riga

Treat the groom-to-be to a meal he’ll never forget. Not only will all the lads get an incredible strip show during dinner but the guest of honour’s desert will be served on the naked body of one of the performers. “Would you like more cream with that Sir?”

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lisbongolfingWorld Class Golf

Where? Lisbon

Enjoy some of the most beautiful golf courses in the world which can be found along the stunning Portuguese coast. You can up the stakes by adding a gentlemanly wager or two to add some of the lads’ Euros to your own wallet for you to enjoy at the 19th hole.

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bathtubMotorised Bath Tubs

Where? Reading

Show your mates a clean set of wheels as you race off in one of the funniest track events ever. Hitting top speeds of 20mph (that might not sound much but it’s 20mph more than we’ve ever seen a bath tub travel before!!!) these bath-time bad boys will see the lads go tap to tap in a hilarious race for the title.

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