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2015 Bucket List… 12 Activities You Should Try This Year

The 2015 bucket list

Be more activeSo you’ve already broken all those New Years resolutions in record time. It wasn’t your fault, you’d been to the sales and bought new sports kit. You’d filled the cupboards with smoking patches and bought an e-cig. You’d drunk every last drop of alcohol in the house over New Years and cunningly hidden your credit card by moving it to the back of your wallet, therefore out of temptation (!?!). You’d even taken all the take-away restaurant numbers off your speed dial.


ResolutionBroken byReasonWill try again
Start Jogging06:00 Mon
Jan 5th
How cold is it out there???Tomorrow
Less Caffeine10:46 Mon
Jan 5th
A presentation by the accounts team, it wouldn’t have been physically possible to make it through that without coffee.Tomorrow
Start Working Out19:45 Mon
Jan 5th
They were showing live FA Cup action on TV, Weston-Super-Mare vs Nuneaton, there was no way you could go to the gym and miss that.Tomorrow
Eat Less Take-aways20:30 Mon
Jan 5th
Well you can’t watch football without a curry! You’re not a monk!Tomorrow
Drink Less20:31 Mon
Jan 5th
Curry? Without a beer? I don’t think so.Tomorrow
Stop Smoking21:15 Mon
Jan 5th
Go Out Less, Save More 13:45 Tue
Jan 6th
– “Did you stay in and watch the game last night?” – “Yeah”- “Pub tonight?”- “Ok”Tomorrow

A to do listThat’s the trouble with us blokes, when it comes to resolve we’re often found lacking. While the ladies in our lives stick at it for at least, oooh, 3 weeks, we tend to fall at the first hurdle with the promise always being “I’ll do it tomorrow…” Lets face it chaps, tomorrow never comes. So let’s be honest with ourselves and park those well intended resolutions and replace it with a better one. We say to you, NOW is the time to start making things happen brothers. NOW is the time to get off those sofas and grab life by the Jacobs comrades. All those to do lists and unfulfilled ideas? NOW fellow couch potatoes, NOW.

  • How many times have you said “I must meet up with old mates more?”
  • How many times have you decided you should take up a hobby?
  • Get more active?
  • Live more?
  • Do more exciting things with your weekends and spend less time on the sofa?

Well there’s no time like the present to start making plans (but this time ruddy-well put them into action) with 12 great bucket list activities for you and your mates to tick off this year.

Here’s Our Top 12 Activities To
Add To The 2015 Bucket List…


Bubble Footballbubblefootball

Superb and hilarious version of the beautiful game. Easy to organise and can happen in a town near your or during a mini weekend away with the lads.

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Finally record that hit single!recording studio

You’ve known for years that there’s a hit single in you waiting to get out. If your school band (Scrotal Recall) hadn’t split up over artistic differences and who should be lead singer, you’d have been a star by now. Get the lads together for a day at a professional recording studio to show the music world what they’ve been missing all these years.

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airsoftLaser Warfare

You’re getting bored of arguing with your mates over who could actually survive in real warfare, none of this Call of Duty namby pamby stuff. So decide things once and for all on the battlefields of England. Lock and load men, lock and load!

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Having decided that your mates were probably cheating when they beat you at Laser Warfare it’s time to settle things properly… Man to man… Unarmed… Dressed in lycra.

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Horse Racinghorseracing

You’ve always fancied a proper flutter. The sport of kings attracts the rich and shameless and you want to rub shoulders, enjoy the action and pick a 1000-1 shot donkey to secure early retirement. A day out with the lads is just what the Jockey Club ordered.

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bear gryllsMan Up!

Bear Grylls, Ray Mears, Tinchy Stryder, these are real men who can survive in the toughest of conditions. But how would you and your mates cope without take-away menus, beer taps and moisturiser? Put the lads to the ultimate test with a weekend of Bushcraft Survival.

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High Ropeshigh ropes

Drop that acrophobia from a great height and finally overcome one of your worst fears and add a massive tick to your 2015 bucket list. High Ropes are available throughout the country and as well as being a great bonding experience with your mates it’s also a fantastic day out.

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White Water Raftingwhitewaterrafting

It’s another of those things you’ve wanted to try for years but never done anything about it. Why put off until tomorrow what you can emerge in icy water today? A massive thrill ride and just about the most exciting thing you can do while encased in rubber (stop giggling at the back).

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If you do like to be beside the seaside and have always wanted to hang ten then, grow your hair, grab the lads, jump in a VW camper van and go west, where the best of the UK’s surf action can be found. Beginner’s lessons tailored for male groups are available. Like totally radical dude!

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The guys are still crowing about their meagre victory on the Laser Warfare field of battle and how they kicked your but at Wrestling School. So it’s time to get your own back by treating the lads to a Dulux makeover. Or you can really up the ante with Paintball Tanks.

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Drive a Supercarsupercars

You’ve always wanted to push yourself to the limit and sit in a serious piece of machinery. Or maybe you just want to settle another argument with the lads over who is the fastest driver (leaving Gran Turismo aside for one minute).

Why not head to the Go Kart track or even try your hands at Beer Keg Racing.


Wing Walkingwing walking

Finish the year on a real high by getting up, up and away on one of the greatest thrill rides known to mankind. You’ll stand aloft a moving plane with perhaps the greatest view of your life. Unless you’ve ever shared a changing room with Rachel Riley. Or you are Rachel Riley. In which case… Can we share your changing room?

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