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What’s New at StagWeb in January

What's new at StagWeb

Stag Jungle Warfarejungle warfare

Where? Bournemouth

Undoubtedly the biggest combat adventure known to stag-kind. “To survive a war, you gotta become a war.” – John Rambo. “Johnny your teas ready!” – Rambo’s Mum”

Beer Bike

Where? Budapest

Fresh air, exercise, sightseeing and 20 litres of thirst quenching beer (well, we don’t want you getting dehydrated). “We’ve seen the future of travel… Behold the pedal-powered mobile pub!”

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Where? Nationwide

It’s socially acceptable violence, you can legitimately bowl a googlie at the groom’s googlies and still be sticking to the rules. “Victory. Honour. Pride. They don’t mean nothing if you don’t got balls.”

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 Stags Vs Nature

Where? Cheltenham

Take to the great outdoors and give Mother Nature a ruddy good thrashing with some awesome challenges. “Send the lads up a stag creek with a paddle.”

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Underground Trampolineunderground trampoline

Where? Chester/Liverpool/Llangollen

A subterranean playground twice the size of St Paul’s Cathedral with trampolines suspended 180ft above the ground. “Man up and get jiggy with it!”

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Close Protection Squad

Where? Bournemouth

Adrenalin-pumping special forces training to protect VIP primaries, utilising state-of-the-art Airsoft weaponry, explosive pyrotechnics and effects. “Anyone caught singing the theme from The Bodyguard, will have their Man Card confiscated. ‘And ayyyyyyye will always love youuuuuuuu…’”

ultimate challengeUltimate Stag Challenge

Where? Newcastle

Go head to head with the guys on some epic man challenges which will separate the stags from the boys. Rage buggies, paintball, 4×4 off-roading, archery & tomahawk throwing. “He who dares wins…”

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Where? Exeter/Torquay

It’s not all eating kangaroo testicles and messing around with bloody great knives. There’s some manly stuff too. “Get the lads back to basics with the art of survival.”

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Booze Cruiseboozecruise

Where? Marbella

A seafaring adventure for guys who know how to party. Lads can now enjoy the sights of Marbella on a boatful of beer, beats and sunbathing beauties. “Surely, it’s what the sea was invented for?!?”

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Quad Bike Trek

Where? Liverpool

Get all revved up with nowhere to go. Off road thrills and spills, with 6 miles of hardcore track to explore on this massive 200 acre site.  But remember, “four wheels good, two wheels bad”.

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zipwireUltimate Zip Wire

Where? Chester/Liverpool/Llangollen

The longest zip wire in the northern hemisphere, measuring 1 miles in length and hitting of 100mph this is the fastest zip line in the world. “Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a stag with the mother of all hangovers!”

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Zombie Survival Training

Where? Bristol

How will you cope when the zombie apocalypse arrives? “Gun, knives, exploding targets and living-dead, bra-wearing zombies. What more could a stag do need?”

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