The Emotional Baggage Survey: How The British Travel


Travelling abroad with friends or family is always a great cause for celebration, but just how do the British travel? What do we expect to find at our holiday destinations and more worryingly what do we bring back with us?

With 44%* of UK adults going on at least one overseas holiday a year, GoGroups and asked the important questions of those flying the friendly skies to see how we relax, which celebrity we’d most like to sit next to, what we take with us and just how many people have ever thought of joining the mile high club.

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The Results

Britain’s must have travel gadget remains the good old fashioned book, which unlike the e-book (which came a respectable 3rd place in our poll) remains untroubled by battery life and you don’t have to turn it on at customs. The trusty laptop/tablet took 2nd place.

Only 2.8% of travellers consider a photo of their other half the one item they couldn’t travel without.

Noisy children were top of the people you’d least want to sit next to (44%), while it seems we’re most tolerant towards nervous travellers.

The celebrity we’d most like to sit next to brought in a wide range of answers from sports, music and movie stars to politicians and TV chefs.

Women would most like to find themselves sharing an arm rest with George Clooney while men opted for the mighty brains of Stephen Fry to swap pub trivia with. Mr Fry and David Beckham came in the top 5 for both men and women.

Those looking for a good time before they reach their destination also brought some unexpected results. 42% of men compared to just 14% of women would like to join the Mile High Club.

However in the age where women see in Shades of Grey 4.7% of women claimed to already be members.

Items we bring home with us are wide and varied, with so many people travelling further than ever and trying new activities there was bound to be a minor scrape or two including the odd minor stomach complaint, 1 spider in the ear, 2 pregnancies, 1 broken ankle, 1 broken arm and a “broken heart”.

Our hand luggage runneth over, as well as a veritable zoo of straw donkeys and stuffed toys, trinkets we’ve brought home include a wide selection of the weird and wonderful; photo frames made of elephant dung, cavalry swords, other people’s underwear and a wallet made of kangaroo scrotums have all made it through customs.

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*Figure according to TNS Global;
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