Extreme Thrills – 42 Ways to Live Dangerously

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Rocker Mini Bikes

Rocker bikes is BMXing for big boys on teeny tiny bikes. RT Taylor is an extreme sport and YouTube legend and also happens to be the king of Rocker Bikes. See him in action…


Doesn’t sound like a dangerous profession to you? Just remember, both Luis Suarez and Mike Tyson have dentists. Yeah, bet you’re not smiling now!

Trek Across Arctic

If the blizzards, exposure, breaking ice fields, and extreme temperatures don’t get you then the ever so cute and cuddly polar bears probably will. “He died doing something he loved…”. It’s one of the many reasons we love watching football. You’re less likely to have something wanting to eat you (excluding Luis Suarez).

High Ropes

If you need your next adrenaline buzz, high rope courses can be found throughout the UK and offer some superb adventure and brown trouser moments. Become the king of the swingers…

high ropes

Stunt Driving

Fancy a high speed chase and shoot out? Or how about getting the car up on two wheels? Professional stunt drivers can show you how in stunt driving schools. The school run will suddenly become so much more fun! Get fast and furious…

Volcano Boarding

Snowboarding is just so last year. Real boarding enthusiasts are now taking to the slopes of volcanoes. There’s less chance of getting cold pinkies but the possible minor inconvenience of being swallowed up in molten lava. Jump on board…

Trampoline Cave

Forget the rig in your niece’s garden, this is extreme trampolining. Set inside a cave twice the size of St Paul’s Cathedral you’ll be bouncing over a 150ft drop. Balls of steel might be a bit too heavy but this is definitely one for action men. Become a tramp champ…

tampoline cave

Cliff Diving

Statistically one of the most dangerous sports in the world. It’s not like missing a penalty, a bad day at the office for cliff divers means game over, permanently.

Bungee Jump Over Crocodile Infested Waters

“Hey Bruce mate, this bungee malarkey just isn’t working enough anymore, how about we move it over the top of Crocodile Creek near Karabonga?” Yes, because bungee jumping isn’t terrifying enough!!! WTF?!?

bungee jumping

Gladiator School

“I am Maximus Dangerous, doer of extreme sport, survivor of deadly deeds and I shall learn to fight like a gladiator in this life or the next.” If you fancy doing it in this lifetime you can experience a weekend gladiator school in Rome. Find out more…

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