24 Travel Hacks That Actually Work!


Travelling can be so much easier, a few little tricks here and there will make you look like a seasoned pro while the rest of the guys are left trying to catch up with your Steve McQueen cool while looking more like the keystone cops. “If you can keep your head while all about you are losing theirs…” you’ll be a travelling man.

Online Ninja


A fancy internet cookie feature known as “dynamic pricing”, cookies track what you have been doing on a computer and will make prices more expensive when you return to a website (the idea is you’ll panic and book before they rise again). So be sneaky make sure you remove your digital footprints by deleting cookies between visits, that way you’ll keep seeing the original, lower price.

Name the Day

Tuesday and Wednesdays are generally cheaper days to fly.

Get Authorised

Make sure all your cards have been authorised to use overseas. Cards are often only available to use in the UK to prevent internet fraud so make sure you’ve had any restrictions removed before you find you can’t buy cervezas due to a lack of deniro (we mean cash, not Robert).

Cash Cows

cash cows

Your cards are also handy for accessing cash (duh!), but using localised ATM’s can be a lot cheaper than getting spends from often expensive exchange bureaus.

Zip It!

Zip lock bags can be really handy for packing dirty shoes, keeping sand out of bags, making sure liquids don’t spill in your luggage, etc. Always throw a couple in your case, they take up no room but always come in handy. Stock up at Amazon here.

Sand Which Is

There’s nothing worse than getting sand, water or beer in your phone or camera. Keep things in zip lock sandwich bags when you’re not using them to stop them getting sand in their cracks.

Have Some Bottle

Use smaller containers for shower gel, toothpaste, etc. Just take as much as you’ll need for the extent of your stay. Not only will they be lighter to carry on the way there but you don’t need to bring them back at all. Buy your bottles here.

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Follow Our Lead

Ear phones, charges, USBs… all those leads can become a real mess. Use a zip lock bag or old sunglasses case to keep your leads in good nick rather than spending hours untangling them.

USB For Me

If you don’t want to travel with bulker chargers, use USB leads and plug items into TV’s or other in room devices to get your kit charged up (always check the power supply is compatible).

Pack like a Pro

Packing well can make a big difference, all that extra room in your bag for the important stuff like an inflatable armchair, etc. If you want to really pack like a pro check out these great tips from CN Traveler.

Romantic Lighting

crayon candle

Did you know that crayons actually make really effective candles? Well they do. Boom! Take that bear Grylls… Although yes, if you’re the type of guy that carries crayons the chances are you’re not allowed to carry candles or matches anyway.

Check for Perks

If you have credit cards there are possibly all kinds of hidden perks you didn’t know about. From car rental deals to discount dinning. You don’t even needs to spend on your card, just enjoy the deals without fear of racking up debt. How good will it feel to take something off the banks for a change?!? Visit Money Saving Supermarket for the latest deals.

Mobile Speaker

You might have seen the adverts on TV with people using a Pringles tube to make a free mobile speaker, it really does work, but it’s not just Pringles, plastic bottles, boxes, loo roles will all do the job.

Liquidate Jet Lag

One of the biggest contributors to the effects of jet lag is dehydration. Staying hydrated is no magic cure, but making sure you drink plenty of water, avoid processed foods and stick to snacks that are high in natural waters (fruit for example) will at least lessen the effects.

Roll With It

Get a bit Oasish and roll rather than fold clothes. They’ll take up less space in your case and if you do it well you’ll also end up with less creases.

It Costs Nothing To Ask


Ask for an upgrade, they can only say “no” but you’ll be amazed how few people think to ask and a little charm can work wonders… you silver tongued devil you.

Waterproof Your Life

Just a simple bin bag is the perfect way to add a waterproof layer to your bag or case. Simple but effective.

Never Carry Too Much

We’re not protecting your back but your wallet. Never take all your spending money out at once or keep it all in one place. By keeping your cash in separate places if the worst should happen you’ll still have some cash handy until you can sort things out.

Water Bottle Lantern

If you have a head torch or phone torch, shine it into a bottle of water. Thanks to a little physics and the miracle of refraction you have an instant lantern.

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Give A Little Love

Don’t fall into the trap of having foreign coins rattling around drawers, tins, pots at home. On the last day of your trip, ask the rest of your party to pool any foreign coins, then add a little feel good factor by giving to charity.

Go Native

Forget the usual foods you know back home. Head to the local restaurants, they’ll be cheaper, generally fresher and often much tastier. When in Rome…

Hotel Charges

Forgotten your phone charger? You’re not the only one, many people leave their charges at hotels so there’s a good chance reception will have one you can borrow.

Travel Light


Most guys are guilty of taking far too much stuff with them. Be brutal, if you don’t need it don’t pack it. Then watch those around you as they struggle back through the airport with over stuffed suitcases full of clothes and shoes they didn’t even wear.

Open Sesame

If you do a little research before you travel, you will quite possibly find posts by previous travellers who have posted Wi-Fi passwords. Four Square is a great place to start.

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