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20 Greatest GoPro Heroes

GoPro Heroes

“Hold my beer and watch this…” Six words that herald something that you can guarantee is about to end really badly and should be captured on film. But some guys take that same adrenaline-fuelled “This is going to be epic!” spirit of adventure and turn it into an art form.

The arrival of the GoPro camera has meant we can now see moments of skill, daring, art and hilarity and capture them in hi-def, often from the protagonist’s POV. It’s taken filming to new levels and these guys are some of the very best in the new wave of filmmakers that are rapidly clocking up more views than the Bake Off final.

At StagWeb we figured it was time to celebrate some of these stuntmen/filmmakers in all their “OMFG!” glory. Mad, bad and dangerous to know brilliant to watch!

Jordan Olthuis | JordanBoostmaster

Jordan Olthuis

Mountain Biking is the art of going downhill – fast. No other filmmaker has managed to capture the intense thrills of this physical sport better than Jordan Olthuis. His amazing POV videos of some of the most white-knuckle rides north of the Canadian border are beyond awesome! They almost make you want to dust off your own set of wheels – but we’d stick watching Jordan for now, unless you’ve missed your local accident & emergency recently.

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Sam Gorski, Niko Peuringer & Jake Watson | Corridor Digital

Corridor Digital

Superman, he likes to “keep it real” and in a modern age why wouldn’t he strap on a GoPro as he steps out the door to fight crime. And just how good would it look? Innovative filmmaking is what Corridor Digital do best. They have created some absolutely brilliant videos and this is definitely one of their most stunning yet. We’re huge fans and this is a YouTube channel well worth following.

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Mitch Bergsma | Micbergsma

Mitch Bergsma

Mitch Bergsma is probably one seriously cool dude. He’s got a genuine verve for life, and uses a collection of GoPro cameras to capture the weird and wonderful moments that you’ll be wishing you’d thought of. He also offers some genuinely helpful tips and tricks for amateur filmmakers on his channel. Here’s a collection of some of his madder moments.

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Kieran Brown | Footballskills98

Kieran Brown

You might think you’ve got “skilz” but you ain’t seen nothing yet. Cross bar challenge? It’s a cake walk for Kieran Brown who has the kind of skills that would even make Emile Heskey weep with envy. You get to see his tricks from amazing angles and yes, you will be trying this at home. #FootballingGenius

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Cobus Potgieter | Cobus

Cobus Potgieter

It takes a real man to take on the challenge of the drums (our office is full of blokes who can’t even clap in time) but Cobus Potgieter makes it all look like child’s play. His dynamic shots of cymbals, bass drums and snares make for some of the best performance videos on the web. If you’ve got a passion for music that rocks, then you need to give Cobus a watch.

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Marc Sutherland | AlabasterSlim


Paintballing, that time honoured stag party tradition where you give the groom a full ‘Dulux makeover’. AlabasterSlim takes paintball combat and treads the line between video-game and reality in his badass POV paintballing videos. Watch and learn stags, you might pick up a thing or two that’ll help you dominate when you next step onto the battlefield…

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Alexander Meliss | Meli

Alexander Meliss

Skiing is put on a collision course with stunt genius by this filmmaking daredevil. Alexander Meliss performs mind-bending flips and twists, and the GoPro perspective allows you to get close to the action without the hassle of having to climb a mountain or risk life and limb yourselves. Although after watching a few of these thrilling videos, you could find yourselves googling ‘skiing holidays’ in a hurry…


Josh Katz

Josh Katz

If you haven’t got at least one cool scar from a skateboard then you really weren’t trying hard enough to hurt yourself as a kid. But some people were just born to board and Josh Katz takes it to the next level and then shares it all online. His GoPro skate videos are like watching a live-action version of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater and with views in the hundreds of thousands; he’s certainly one of YouTube’s rising stars.

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James Kingston

James Kingston

The gravity-defying climbs that James Kingston makes are simply awe-inspiring. Channel 4 recently picked up on his lofty antics, making the documentary Don’t Look Down, but thanks to the power of GoPro, you don’t have to wait for James’ show to be repeated on telly with his own first-person accounts of his mind-boggling ascents. His climb of the Wembley Arch is particularly epic, talk about the best seat in the house…

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Having recently recorded a world record eagle flight in Dubai, animal conservation group Freedom produce some of the best POV filmmaking on YouTube by attaching GoPro cameras to birds of prey before letting them do what they do best; fly – fast. This is a totally unique way to see the world from a real birds eye view. It adds a whole new meaning to “flipping the bird”!

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Brad Jospehs | Bears & Beyond

Bears & Beyond

Bears, those big cuddly giants that sing in Disney films and do their business in the woods. But away from the Jungle Book they are incredibly powerful, intelligent and potentially deadly predators. This amazing footage by brilliant film maker Brad Josephs gives you an insight into just what it would be like to come face to face with one of nature’s finest.

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Ben Brown | Mr Ben Brown

Ben Brown

Lads, when we’re in the thick of the working week, we all crave the kind of adventures that Ben Brown enjoys week in, week out in his action packed life as a YouTube sensation. Whether he’s surfing, kayaking, flying in biplanes or racing with ex ‘Stig’ Ben Collins, Ben Brown’s antics are the stuff of our daydreams – we’re not that jealous though, honest…

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Horacio interview

Louis Cole | Fun for Louis

Fun for Louis

We’ve all imagined going on a road trip with our best mates, but Louis Cole didn’t talk the talk. Getting his best mates together they hit the road and he captured the best moments on a GoPro with superb results. There’s plenty of banter in Louis videos, as well as a load of epic thrills and awesome views as he explores some of the world’s most unique locations with the lads – this is travel vlogging at its best.

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Michi Leber

Michi Leber

Michi Leber is only 18, but this German teenager has some of the sickest free-running skills that StagWeb has ever seen, and with millions of views he’s gained a massive following in a short period of time thanks to his daredevil parkour videos. This is the kind of thing you’d expect to see in a video game, but there’s nothing fake about the daring jumps and climbs that this stunt runner makes.

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Jack Harries | JacksGap


Michael Palin might have gone from Pole to Pole but YouTuber Jack Harries is bringing travel documentaries bang up to date with his amazing travelvolgs. He’s amassed a huge following with his really natural style that makes many mainstream presenters look like they should really stick to fetching Jack macchiatos while he does the difficult stuff in some amazing destinations. Ever wanted to visit New Orleans? With JacksGap, you won’t even have to leave your living room.

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George & Harry Kirby | K&K Productions

K&K Productions

Boys from the 90s will undoubtedly remember Japanese anime series Dragon Ball Z, George & Harry Kirby certainly do, and they’ve created one hell of a reminder for any lads who don’t! Their ‘Goku with a GoPro’ video has over 4 million views and there’s no prizes for guessing why – this is an FX fest of the highest quality, and who wouldn’t want to see Goku do battle with Superman from a first-person perspective?!?

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Devin | Devinsupertramp


Devin certainly proves that to make a great GoPro film, you don’t have to keep it strictly ‘real’. On his massively subscribed YouTube channel (he’s got over 3.5 million followers) Devin’s created some amazing short films using a GoPro based on some of the biggest and best video games on consoles today. Ever wondered what a Far Cry or Assassins Creed movie might look like in real life? Here’s your answer!

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Scott Bass | Ampisound


Ampisound have produced some of the most thrilling POV parkour videos to hit the web in recent years with their unique blend of stunts and story. Scott Bass, the man behind the project is a master at making you feel like you’re living the action. Whether he’s directing a rooftop escape from a 28 Days Later style zombie horde or an homage to cult video-game Mirrors Edge, his films are fast, furious and extreme.

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Alex Chacon | The Modern Motorcycle Diaries

The Modern Motorcycle Diaries

If you think you’ve seen Alex before, then you’re probably right – he’s the ‘epic selfie guy’ that travelled the world taking 36 snaps of himself in as many countries (and we thought that our holiday Instaspam was bad). These days, he’s done with the selfie-taking; instead he records some of the best POV motorcycle adventures on YouTube, riding across the US and beyond with his GoPro catching every epic moment.

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Jumping from a great height is what the magnificent flying men behind Turbolenza do best. Turbolenza are Italian thrill seekers that take high stakes adrenaline pumping action to an entirely new level while hanging about on top of some of the world’s tallest buildings. Their incredible videos give you an birds eye view of what it’s like to take the shortest route down and the results are stunning.

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