The UK’s Best Hangover Cafés

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Statistically, the average Briton will spend a total of four years* with a hangover. That’s a stupendous amount of time to be feeling like the Six Nations is be played in the back of your skull.

But you need not suffer lads, it’s been scientifically proven that bacon possesses magical hangover-healing properties so rather than fill up the already overcrowded waiting room at your local doctor’s surgery, what you really need is a trip to a true hangover house of healing and the finest breakfast’s known to mankind.

And to save you the legwork when you’re not feeling to safe on your pins we’ve already covered the road miles and present…

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South West & Wales


Riverside Café


Relaxed, trendy, and exceptionally friendly, the Riverside Café is an independently-run foodie haven overlooking the city’s famous Pulteney Weir. Most importantly their English Breakfast smells so amazing we’re often left wondering why it hasn’t been made into an air-freshener yet. Good sized portions, cooked to perfection will set up any Sunday morning in style.

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The Kingsmead Kitchen

the kingsmead kitchen

The restaurant formally known as the Jazz Café still claims to have Bath’s ‘most famous all-day breakfast’ and who are we to argue? What we can say is that the coffee is strong enough to fell a prop-forward from 40 paces and simply superb! But if it’s a late lunch you’re after, then the house-special ‘Jazz Omlette’ is a local favourite worth going native for.


jazz cafe




This awesome diner celebrates all that’s best about Hollywood while supplying hungry movie-goers and all-night-revelers with nosh that’s a little more filling than your average bucket of popcorn. Starz provides brilliant eats and if you bump into owner Les Parodi, make sure you ask him about the time he had a kickabout with Pelé…

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Wander into Aruba on any given morning and you’ll be half-convinced you’ve traded Bournemouth for the Caribbean. Tropical palm trees punctuate the corners of the bar and the delicious continental breakfasts will convince any stags with sore heads that “every little thing, is gonna’ be alright…”

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Havana Coffee


Their coffee really will put hairs on your chest and the American-style pancakes are fast becoming a favourite with students and working professionals alike. Although if the fuel-tank is really running empty, make a beeline for the Havana Club Burger and chomp your way to hangover-free happiness.




Situated in the affluent Clifton area of the city, Rosemarino is perfect for those times when you’re hangover requires kid gloves and a touch of class. Their brilliant breakfasts have actually won awards. Yep title holding breakfasts, surely hangover removers don’t get better than that?

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Top 10 Hangover Cures


Wally’s Kaffeehaus

wallys kitchen

There are a few things Vienna is known for, waltzes, whirls and, in case you didn’t know, coffee. A hot mug of Wally’s brilliant kaffee could probably resurrect your dearly departed family hamster and the continental breakfast is simply wunderbar!

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Apple Jacks

apple jacks

Over in the good ol’ US of A they like to do things BIG. And Apple Jacks have brought that Americana goodness and sense of scale and applied it to all their food, whether that’s a big night out plate of wings, fries, burgers and steak or their life affirming breakfasts. “Yeehaw!”

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The Beehive Pub

the beehive

Now this is our idea of a real modern public house. Decorated with a real flair for rustic charm, The Beehive is a chilled-out, spacious venue that’s held on to it’s iconic quirks while taking on a trendy, hipster vibe that makes nomming on one of their breakfasts feel like the fashionable way to beat the Sunday morning blues.

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Whether you’re looking to fill-up before a day of activities or you’re just searching for a quick pit-stop to keep those energy levels high, Moka is a brilliant alternative to stear the stags away from the dreaded high street chains. “McHappy Breakfast lads?” “No thanks, I’m going to Moka for real proper food!”

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Give your hangover a kick in the cowabungas and say “Aloha” to life at the superb beach side café. It’s a real surfers hangout and those guys know a thing or two about partying all night. The perfect mix of fresh air, stunning views, fresh drinks and quite amazing food really will get you ready to hang ten (even if you’ve never surfed before!).

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Harbour Rest Café

harbour rest cafe

After getting out early to catch the morning surf, or just staggering out from under your duet, a hot mug of coffee and the Harbour Rest’s veritable feast of a fry-up is a truly life-affirming way to start the day. Situated just off the seafront, this is one of the best breakfasts to be had anywhere on the Cornish coast.




jags at 119

Jags@119 are an unusual, neon-lit paradise for meat lovers. If your taste palate is decidedly transatlantic then this epic American-themed diner is sure to impress with its Texas-sized menu and flavours. And it’s the ‘American’ breakfast we’d recommend to help ease you back into the land of the living.

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Southsea Coffee

southsea coffee co

Every mug you drink in Portsmouth’s Southsea Coffee has been lovingly hand brewed, and with a menu that changes weekly, you’re sure to try some rare and wonderful blends that you’d be hard pressed to find anywhere else. Add hip, rustic surrounds and some healthy sourdough toast and it really is the coffee shop of your espresso-fuelled dreams.

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southsea coffee company


Banana Wharf

banana wharf

Watch the boats sail by and soak up the Southampton sun while sipping on a manly Americano in the exclusive Banana Wharf café. Crepes provide a lighter dining option, but really it’s the “full house” you’ll want to get stuck into.

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banana warf

Trago Lounge

trago lounge

With retro furniture and old-school paintings as well quirky portraits all over the walls, a visit to the Trago Lounge is always a good “wakey wakey” call to bring the life back to even the most flagging groom-to-be. In order to please their guests and create superb alfresco feasting they took the roof off an old storage building to make an outdoor terrace. Now that’s dedication!

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trago lounge

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