The UK’s Best Hangover Cafés

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South East


Joe’s Café


Having recently won the title of Brighton & Hove’s best café, the husband and wife team of Dan and Jane Cook have confirmed what many of the Brighton’s trendy locals already knew; that the palatable breakfast dishes in Joes Café really are hard to beat.

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joes cafe

The New Club

the new club

The New Club is a taste of New York on the South Coast with what might be Brighton’s best burgers. The range of quirky cocktail hangover cures (most of which contain alcohol) including “The Breakfast Club” are certainly not for the feint of heart…

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the new club


A Canteen

a canteen

A Canteen is a no-frills diner designed to satisfy any hungry stomachs with foodie favourites in smart, trendy surroundings. This venue is fast becoming one of the most popular breakfast spots in Chelmsford and a great place to show off any fashionable facial fuzz while killing off the previous evenings excesses.

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The Brentwood Kitchen

the brentwood kitchen

The Only Way to truly satisfy your morning hanger on an Essex weekend is to head to The Brentwood Kitchen and treat yourselves to refined homemade foods from this family-run café. Take a window seat if you can, you might just see Lydia Bright sauntering by…

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brentwood kitchen


Cereal Killer Café

cereal killer cafe

If you like your early morning dining to pack a crunch then this is the place to be. Choose from pretty much any cereal you can think of, throw on toppings of your choice and make your hangover a distant memory. If you don’t leave the Cereal Killer Café with a massive grin plastered across your face, get somebody to check your pulse because you’re probably dead.

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cereal killer

Bad Egg

bad egg

This brilliant diner has a penchant for taking the simple egg and doing frankly epic things with them. A takeaway brunch means you can fry-it-up on the run, but you’ll want to enjoy the trendy, no-frills atmosphere inside the restaurant for laid-back banter over a bottomless brunch.

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bad egg

Brew Café

brew cafe

Now we aren’t wholly convinced that Dynamo isn’t secretly working in Brew Cafés kitchen, because what they do with ordinary breakfast ingredients is culinary magic. Marry those unique dishes with bright, chilled-out surroundings and you’re well on your way to getting your morning off to a top start.

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brew cafe


Frédéric Bistro

frederic bistro

Red or brown sauce, black pudding or no black pudding, toasted or fried bread; there are so many arguments over what constitutes the best fry-up, but one thing every man can agree on is that from scratch is always best, and that’s a sentiment shared by Maidstone’s sleek, sophisticated Frédéric Bistro.

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Fortify Café

fortify cafe

Fortify Cafés meat-free breakfasts are healthy, easy-going and tantalizing to say the least. This is a great way to get your day off to a brilliant start and “the fortify breakfast” is a genuine revelation if you’re new to vegan eats!

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fortify cafe



combibos coffee

Friendly, warm, invigorating; A description that could be applied to both Combibos and their excellent coffee. This shop is family-run and you can feel that extra effort from the moment you walk in to the moment you leave. The name is Latin for ‘drink up’, and that’s something that the Combibo-loving regulars can attest to.




Fast becoming a favourite with the locals and travelling students alike, Oxfork is a trendy café with foodie delights designed to tantalize your taste buds from the morning through to the afternoon while satisfying any empty-stomachs to the max.


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