The UK’s Best Hangover Cafés

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East of England


Afternoon Tease

afternoon tease

Massage your taste-buds in this awesome independent café with a range of cakes that look as if they’ve come straight from the set of The Great British Bake Off. A calm, stylish interior makes this a unique spot for a light bite and the perfect moment for a stag selfie.

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Stickybeaks Café

sticky beaks

For those rare moments where an ordinary fry-up won’t cut it, Stickybeaks Café takes the breakfast ingredients we know and love and transforms them into something truly delectable. Spinach and bacon with poached eggs is a breakfast even Popeye would approve of “Ug-ug-ug-ug-ug-ug!”

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sticky beaks


Frank’s Bar

franks bar

Sunday morning in Frank’s Bar is a popular event amongst the Norwich locals, probably because this eccentric diner has decided to devote a whole menu of fried goodness to the cause of making the day of rest as delicious as is humanly possible.

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This bijou café is more proof that all good things come in small packages with delicious eats cooked-to-order and a variety of specials for those looking to experience the best of brunch. You can relive the events of the night before in a really comfortable atmosphere where top service is always the order of the day.

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