The UK’s Best Hangover Cafés

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The North


Toast Café Bar


Toast is the kind of café we’d be quick to raise a mug to. It’s an airy, spacious, bright diner with a penchant for quirky dishes to see you break the fast with aplomb. Why go for an ordinary full English when you can take it all and whack it on a pizza?!? Toast has, and yes, it’s as awesome as it sounds.


The Velvet Coaster

the velvet coaster

Now we’ve all been to a Wetherspoon’s Pub, but they rarely look like this. The Velvet Coaster appears to have come straight out of the 1930s with a retro-chic design providing the perfect space to enjoy a refreshing cup of Joe while wrapping your laughing gear around a gorgeous fry-up.


the velvet coaster


Central Perk

central perk

If the groom is a fan of hit US sitcom Friends, then you’ve got to stop reading this right now and hit up this epic café styled after the show’s now-famous Central Perk coffee shop. Sit on that sofa, quote from your favorite episodes and don’t be afraid to give a “how you doin'” to any Jennifer Anniston lookalikes.

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Zugers Tea Rooms


For a brunch delivered with Swiss efficiency, Zugers Tea Rooms is a must. This shop has buckets of continental charm and flair as well as a tantalizing range of possibilities when it comes to putting some of Europe’s best breakfast foods on your plate.

zugers tea rooms




For the uninitiated, brunch is an awesome journey into the possibilities of breakfast that lie beyond your average bowl of crunchy-nut and Balterzen’s is a great place to begin. The coffee here is strong enough to clear even the foggiest of heads and if you’ve never tried a cinnamon bun before then you don’t know what you’re missing.


Le Bistrot Pierre

pierre le bistrot

Harrogate’s Le Bistrot Pierre provides one of the most authentic French dining experiences you can try without driving to Dover and hopping the channel. For a taste of the continent’s finest breakfast foods and more, Le Bistrot Pierre is well worth a look-in.


le bistro pierre


Henderson’s Café

hendersons cafe

Henderson’s Café is a local legend in Leeds. Why? Probably because its great-value fry-ups are some of the best in the city and the Tikki-bean coffee is the caffeinated liquid equivalent of having a shot of adrenaline injected direct into your chest cavity!?!

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Situated on the top floor of Leeds’ Trinity shopping centre, the views from Angelica around breakfast time are stunning as you watch the city come to life from the outdoor terrace, all while consuming the freshest juices and the “full Angelica” in the refreshing morning air.

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Café Tabac

cafe tabac

A morning visit to Café Tabac will see you breakfast like it’s 1975 in retro-chic surroundings that are definitely worth tweeting about. Our top tip is to order the legendary Café Tabac Hot Chocolate and make your way into sugary paradise.

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cafe tobac

The Tavern Company

tavern co

A Mexican and American BBQ by day, a full-English factory by morning, The Tavern Company seems to provide any lads food fantasies on a daily basis. The fry-ups are delicious, but it’s the “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” (pancakes, eggs and bacon) that really steals the show.

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Sometimes, when man wakes from his partied slumber, he needs meat; and lots of it. Rookwood are totally clued into this fact as their menu (full of brilliantly named dishes like the “Rookwood Mancake”) is packed with more bacon than a three little pigs nursery rhyme.



Home Sweet Home

home sweet home

A premier-league breakfast awaits at Manchester’s sensational Home Sweet Home. This delightful diner is full of the kind of comfort food a man needs most in his life (bacon, bacon and more bacon) as well as quirky, homely surrounds that make you wish you could hang here with the boys every weekend.

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Moose Coffee

moose coffee

Antlers hang off the walls and bird-cages dangle from the ceilings in this unusual but awesome coffee shop. The brand of breakfast here is distinctly American and Canadian, which certainly isn’t a bad thing considering it essentially gives you a foolproof excuse to have hotdogs for breakfast.

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moose coffee

The Koffee Pot

the koffee pot

The Koffee Pot provides an alternative coffee drinking experience to revitalize and energise any tired heads with a hearty brew and a range of homemade fry-ups from all over Blighty. Take some snaps of the funky artwork while you’re here too!

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koffee pot


Butterfly Cabinet

butterfly cabinet

This character-filled café looks like something straight out of Fallout for all the right reasons, and if there was a nuclear apocalypse you can bet that this is where we’d head. Coffee, cake and hunger-conquering sandwiches taste all the better in these truly unique surrounds.


Quay Ingredient

quay ingredient

The food at Quay Ingredient is delicious as well as plentiful and the polished, sleek décor creates a relaxed atmosphere that’s perfect for easing in the day. Tucked away from all the Toon traffic, this coffee house provides a welcome break for those seeking a “geet walla” cuppa.

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quay ingredient

Pitcher & Piano

pitcher and piano

Newcastle’s Pitcher & Piano is sensationally situated with striking views of the Quayside, making a morning visit a refreshing yet sophisticated experience. They’ve also managed to make the French brioche roll even better… by stuffing it with an entire English breakfast?!?

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pitcher and piano


Marmadukes Café Deli


Marmadukes Café Deli is one of Sheffield’s best-kept culinary secrets. This brilliant shop is smartly decorated with muted colours, allowing the vibrant shades on your plates to really ring true as you eat, drink, and enjoy light banter in a sedate setting.

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Tamper Coffee

tamper coffee

Tamper Coffee is a kiwi café that seeks to bring New Zealand’s best roasts to the North of England. The cakes are always worth trying, but it really is the coffees which take centre stage here, proving that the Kiwi rugby-stars aren’t the only all-blacks worth following.

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tamper coffee


Your Bike Shed

your bike shed

When cycling around one of Britain’s oldest cities, Your Bike Shed is the perfect place to stop for a quick pick-me-up and a hearty breakfast. With an open feel, Your Bike Shed is a relaxing space that you’ll be reluctant to leave once it’s time to saddle-up.




A Yorkshire institution for the better part of a hundred years, Betty’s is a high-class, sophisticated dining spot that sees guests refresh themselves in style. The world-famous bakes are worth going full-on Paul Hollywood for and if Betty’s fry ups are one of the many reasons her shops are so loved.

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