16 Worst Places to Play Pokémon Go


It has taken the world by storm but how addicted are you? If you consider any of these as perfectly rational/acceptable then perhaps it’s time to put your phone down for a few years and try that ‘real life’ stuff people are always banging on about. The 16 worst places to play Pokémon…

1. On a first date

Although if she turns out to be a fellow trainer… Score!

2. At a funeral

“How well did you know him?”
“I don’t, I’m just looking for a Snorlax.”

funeral daily mail

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3. At work

Especially bad if you’re a doctor, unforgivable if you’re a gynaecologist.

4. During the birth of your first child

“What are you going to name him?”

hospital daily mail

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5. In the pub

If you find yourself discussing the best places to find Pokémon in your favourite boozer you either need to find a new pub or new friends.

6. When driving

Eyes front!

while driving

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7. Someone’s back garden at 2am

“But officer, I didn’t know this was the home of a bikini model, I was hunting for Pokémon!”
We don’t know what’s worse, getting arrested for something so lame or looking for Pokémon instead of bikini models?

stag do guide to pokemon go

8. In a restaurant

Choosing the restaurant based on the chances of seeing Pokémon? You’re turning into Sheldon Cooper but without the extra IQ points.

restaurant daily mail

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9. Buckingham Palace garden

Prince Phil is likely to shoot first and ask Pokémon related questions later.

10. At a wedding

“Don’t mind me folks, just passing through.”

wedding mashable

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11. At a job interview

“And where do you see yourself in five years?”
“Probably still hunting for a Charizard.”

12. During a marathon

It’s 26 miles already, don’t go making things any harder for yourself.

13. During take off

Fine if you’re a passenger. If you’re the pilot, not so much.

airplane mashable

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14. While playing paintball

You’re likely to take a few shots right in the Metapods and to be honest, you’d probably deserve it.

15. In a lap dance club

Seriously? That’s the kind of Pikachu you’re looking for?

strip club buzzfeed

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16. At a football ground

Any bloke found to be playing Pokémon instead of informing the referee just what a cheating **** he is, should hand over his man-card immediately.

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