24 Greatest Ways to Propose


There are some key questions a man will ask in his lifetime that could have massive repercussions on how the rest of his future could pan out;

“Do I cut the red wire or the blue wire?”
“Dear FA, I’ve just bought tickets to the next international friendly, should I bring my boots?”
“I wonder what this button does?”

But absolutely no question is as life changing or will be as talked about as asking your girlfriend to marry you.

The way you pop the question should be the one story she’ll be dying to keep retelling again and again. One thing a wedding proposal should never, ever be is ordinary, she’s the woman you love, the woman you want to spend the rest of your life with and she deserves something truly special.

However coming up with an original idea in an age where every romantic scheme seems to have already been done and uploaded to YouTube can be tricky. So here’s quick look at the top proposal resources that can make your proposal the big story she’s always dreamed of.

The Experts

the proposersYou might have seen The Proposers on TV. Artists of the bended knee and professional proposal experts, you can actually hire their help from basic advice and tips to set up your own memorable “will you…” through to complete, grand scale extravaganzas with everything from flowers to fireworks.

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Classical Inspiration

music makers ukThere are few things in life quite as romantic as a string quartet. You could be in any setting in the world (even drop in on her work place) but add a string quartet from Music Makers UK and quicker than you can say “Shostakovich’s Suite for Jazz Orchestra No.2” you’ll have an amazingly romantic setting and not a dry eye in the house/park/castle/factory.

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Glasgow Rocks!

roxIf you’re thinking of popping the question north of the border then Glasgow is a funky and historic city to get down on bended knee. It’s so good in fact that ROX Jewellers have created an entire guide to the best places to propose in Glasgow. And you can also drop by their store to pick out the rock afterwards if you forgot that minor detail in all the excitement.

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Under The Sea

sea lifeNope, you don’t need to grab a scuba suit, you can stay cool and dry while getting someone else to help you out. The UK Sea Life Centres actually have a proposal plan already in place where you can write a message on a board which a sneaky diver will then hold up inside a shark infested tank while you (happily on the outside of the tank) go down on one knee. Genius.

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‘Pop’ the Question

getting personalOne way to toast the perfect proposal is adding a little champagne. Why not go one better by having the big question printed on the label? Getting Personal will allow you to print a message onto all kinds of funky gifts and items which is particularly good if you want to make it memorable but aren’t too good with words.

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Bobby Dazzler

purely diamondsIf you’re going to ask for her hand, then in the words of Beyonce you need to ‘put a ring on it’ (and since that little song came out there isn’t a woman in the Western World that will accept a proposal without a bit of bling). Purely Diamonds have an amazingly user friendly website so even if you’re a complete novice at buying engagement rings (which let’s face it, if you have become an expert at it then you’ve gone wrong somewhere!) will give you a step by step guide to getting it right.

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In Bold Print

photoboxWhy not get your story put into print? Collect photos of your life together and have the fine people at turn it into a hardback book. You can add your own words and messages, perhaps even hide the “Will you marry me?” in the pages. It will also be a permanent reminder of just what a good guy you are. It’s also something that could be handy to dig out the next time you’re in her bad books

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The Fairy Tale

national trustOne for the true romantics among you but nothing says “Happily ever after” like a castle. The National Trust hold the keys to Britain’s best loved historic buildings and are incredibly friendly people to deal with. A National Trust property like Dunster Castle in Somerset makes a superb setting for a proposal fit for any modern day princess.

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Say It With Flowers

moonpigAnother vital romantic ingredient are flowers, but not just any flowers. The red rose is perhaps the perfect symbol of romance. If you want to take that to the next level then Moonpig can have a message delivered with your single red rose or you could go for the full romantic dozen?

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Sweet Music

marryokeWhy not combine your proposal with your long held dream of being a rock star? The amazing team at Marryokes shoot wedding videos with all the guests miming along to a favourite song. You could of course create a little twist by getting all your friends and family together for a day to shoot a musical proposal video. It doesn’t matter if you can’t hold a tune, you only need to mime.

StagWeb Top Tip – Life With You – The Proclaimers

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Big Time Charlie

top secret agentIf having your own backing band isn’t big enough for you, then how about your own flash mob? You don’t even need to have hundreds of friends as thanks to Top Secret Agent you can actually hire your own flash mob complete with a fully choreographed dance routine. It’s difficult to actually do anything much bigger than this, unless you happen to have a cast of thousands knocking about in your garden shed.

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The Great Escape

proposal packagesNo, by ‘great escape’ we don’t mean getting turned down and returning to your life of bachelor excess and slovenly living. Proposal Packages are specialists in romantic weekends tailored to help you ask the question in a number of amazingly romantic cities. And Birmingham. As well as pre-set packages, they can create a bespoke weekend with your special lady in mind.

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25 awesome marriage proposal ideas

Learn From Experience

how he askedYou can draw inspiration from dozens of men who have gone before you. features hundreds of true stories of proposals around the world. The website also has lots of brilliant practical advice such as finding the ring and hiring a photographer. Their catalogue of past proposals is split into categories so if you already have a rough idea this is a handy resource for coming up with those finishing touches to your plan.

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25 awesome marriage proposal ideas


great escapeIf your daily wheels are your battered work van or company rep wagon and you want to whisk her away in style before doing the deed then there is no better chariot than a classic motor. But not just any old banger. Great Escape Cars have some of the finest cars of all time in their treasure trove garage. Everything from classic minis to an E-type Jag. If you’re going to be truly cool keep it British.

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great escape cars

Love is the Bug

love bug weddingsIf the lady in your life prefers her classic cars to be a little more cuddly then you can’t go wrong with the original VW Lovebug. Classic camper vans, gorgeous old convertible Beetles or even a modern take on Herbie, Lovebug Weddings provide cars that are sure to win her heart. Throw a picnic hamper and blanket in the boot and you’re good to go.

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Scream If You Wanna Go Faster!

blackpool pleasure beachNot quite nervous enough already? How about adding even more adrenaline? Head to Blackpool Pleasure Beach and pop the question at roughly “Aaaaaaaaarghhhh!” miles an hour on one of the world’s highest rollercoasters, The Big One which is pride of place, overlooking the beach at Blackpool Please Beach, the North’s No.1 theme park.

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Animal Magic

longleatYou won’t be allowed to propose from the lion’s enclosure but zoos or safaris parks such as the absolutely outstanding Longleat (so good it’s soon to be home to the Glastonbury Festival!) could make a great the perfect location for a girl who loves all the things fluffy and feathered. As well as the safari park and zoo, Longleat also has extensive parks and grounds.

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Up Up & Away!

virgin balloon experienceWhy not take the girl of your dreams up where the air is rarefied? Hot air balloons often include inflight champagne. Add a little sparkler and she’ll be putty in your hands. Virgin Balloon Flights are available throughout the UK and for many of us are a once in a lifetime opportunity. The views, the champagne, the total serenity of being so high up in the air (note of caution, you need to be sure of a positive outcome or the trip back down to earth is likely to be the longest journey of your life!).

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hot air

Room With a View

the shardYou can turn her head for heights in other ways. The Shard is Europe’s tallest building with unrivalled views across the capital. It’s also a breath-taking vista for a breath-taking proposal (it’s actually won the Mills & Boon award for ‘The Most Romantic View’). Add a few other elements such as the roses or string quartet and voila. More romantic than a box set of Sandra Bullock movies.

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With Taste

denbiesYour girlfriend might like the odd glass or two of excellent British wine, quite rightly so as we have some amazing vineyards in the UK, many of them sell wedding wines direct to happy couples while the very finest such as Denbies in Surrey actually host entire weddings. There is something very romantic about the setting of a vineyard, head to Denbies and pop the question, while you’re there you can pick out your wine for the big day. Win/win.

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Eye For Detail

london eyeThe London Eye has quickly become one of London’s most instantly recognisable landmarks. It offers an amazing view of London that really is tough to beat. Take the trip as the sun sets… bottle of champagne at the ready… ring in packet… then once she says ‘yes’ you can both look down on Westminster and start demanding better tax credits for married couples!

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london eye

Big Red Proposal

the yorkshire heritage bus companyWant a retro touch to your proposal and want something totally unforgettable? Then make a big statement with your very own vintage bus. The Yorkshire Heritage Bus Co hire out gorgeous old routemasters. But don’t worry, you won’t need to learn how to drive a bus, you get a driver leaving you free to pour the champagne and pop the question.


All At Sea

coastal pursuitsWho doesn’t love a day at the beach? You could take that one step further and take to the waves on by hiring a speedboat or yacht and giving your proposal some A-list glamour. Pop down to Southampton and hop aboard a Solent Boat Charter. They’ll provide you with an experienced skipper while you treat her to the jetset lifestyle you could both quickly get use to… if you had a spare few hundred grand to splash on a luxury yacht like these.

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In the Garden

eden projectNot just any garden, we’re talking about the spectacular Eden Project. Even if you’ve never considered yourself to be green fingered or interested in flowers the Eden Project really is so much more. It’s also packed with fantastic areas that would make the perfect setting to get down on one knee and declare your undying love.

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