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Man-Gurus – 42 Bloke Geniuses That You Need To Follow

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From football jokes to cool man hacks, the latest tech or happily pointless memes and videos, there’s a wealth of life-enhancing information just waiting to drop into your social media feed.

We’ve waded through the time wasters and nearly-men, to bring you the very best man geniuses that every bloke should follow. So, sit back and get properly edjumacated by the 42 best social media man-gurus.

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Daily Laughs

I’m Not Normal – Facebook


There’s no hiding from it, sometimes life is seriously stressful, but you can laugh it all off with I’m Not Normal’s Facebook page, a timeline devoted to sharing the funniest memes and pictures on a daily basis.


Scream Therapy – Facebook


The clue’s in the name… Scream Therapy is exactly that, a collage of hilarious memes to stop you from screaming when the missus, work or anything in life becomes simply too much to handle. Certainly worth a follow and shareable with the guys as well.


Damaged Goods – Facebook


If you’re in a relationship, you love the person you’re with. But let’s be honest with ourselves, that special person in your life is always capable of getting on your nerves and that’s where Damaged Goods comes in, with hilarious (and stress-busting) jokes about the other half, life and more.


Simply the Best Man


As well as daily laughs, direct from your phone screen, Simply the Best Man’s Facebook page delivers you access to a far more important service… Penning one of the most important performances a man can ever make, the Best Man’s Speech. With a huge collection of jokes, you’ll soon be the hero of the wedding reception and escape with all the credit!


StagWeb – Instagram


Now we might be a little biased, but our Instagram is packed with helpful travel advice for your final getaway as a single gent. Along with witty banter, epic activities and the greatest party destinations known to mankind, all from the home of legendary stag weekends.

You can also find StagWeb on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube.


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