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Man-Gurus – 42 Bloke Geniuses That You Need To Follow

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The LAD Bible – Facebook


The LAD Bible’s Facebook page is, by now, essential viewing for any self-respecting gent. Packed with videos, memes and fantastic news articles, this is the picture-perfect collage of every 21st century lad’s life. Complete with sport, games, current affairs and everything you need to know to hold your own in witty banter with the boys.

You can also find The LAD Bible on Twitter & Snapchat

Thrillist – Twitter


Learn yourselves happy with what might be the most awesome and informative webzine on the net today. Whether you’re into big food, epic travels, unbelievably true stories or simply great beer, Thrillist’s Twitter account is the perfect way to keep track of all the man-stuff you need to know about.

You can also find Thrillist on Facebook and Instagram.


Cool Material – Facebook


Whether it’s incredible gadgets, stunning cars, new movie trailers or gorgeous girls, Cool Material has got it all lined up, ready for you to consume in just a few minutes each day. All without even having to leave your Facebook app, now that’s cool material.

You can also find Cool Material on Twitter.

cool-material-big – Facebook


If your life revolves around sports, movies and big belly laughs then you’ll love, a modern man’s companion to daily life that brands itself as being for “men, not lads”. And if you pay close attention to JOE’s Facebook page, then what a man you’ll be, with all the latest news to keep you a step ahead of all your mates.

You can also find on Twitter.



At some point during every man’s life, he needs a suit. And when a man needs a suit that not only fits, but looks good too, he goes to Slaters. Where better to sample these incredibly cool threads than on Slaters official Instagram, and you’ll also receive some priceless male fashion tips while you’re there.

You can also find Slaters on , Twitter and YouTube.


Murdock – Instagram


Staying well-groomed is a battle in itself in the mad rush of modern living, so slow things down and relax with Murdock’s Instagram. A visual guide to the latest styles, trends and man-hacks from one of London’s top barbers.

You can also find Murdock on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


The Everyday Man – Instagram


If James Bond had Instagram, it would look a little something like this. The Everyday Man is a cutting-edge men’s lifestyle blog with incredible photography, sporting events and the kind of trendy leather jackets that would make even the hardest of Hell’s Angels raise an eyebrow.

You can also find The Everyday Man on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.


Steve Booker – Facebook


Now seasoned lifestyle and travel blogger Steve Booker gets about. In early 2016 he was watching Dubai from the sky, while more recently he could be found road tripping around the UK in places like North Wales, Newcastle and Manchester. And while you can’t simply up-sticks and join him, you can follow his adventures with wife Alexia on Facebook.

You can also find Steve Booker on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube.


Jordan Bunker – Twitter


As a quintessential men’s fashion blogger, Jordan Bunker’s Twitter is a daily look inside the thinking man’s wardrobe. And there really is plenty to rummage around in, whether you’re searching for the season’s latest trends, priceless travel advice or witty commentary on the lifestyle of a modern man.

You can also find Jordan Bunker on Instagram.


Street Gentry – Facebook


Plenty goes on in the life of a man and Street Gentry’s Facebook is the ideal guide to keeping on top of the things that matter. By which, we of course mean the best undiscovered music, trends, games, alcohol and much, much more.

You can also find Street Gentry on Twitter and Instagram.



Sam Squire – Twitter


It’s worth following Sam Squire on Twitter, if not for his witty commentary on current events and TV, then to simply be jealous of his incredibly cool lifestyle. We’re talking about custom-made Range Rovers, high-end men’s fashion brands and striking photography.


Average Joes – Facebook


Average Joes’ Facebook page is anything but average. With brand-new BMW’s, giant burgers, delicious beers and more tech than you can shake your VR headset at, this is a treasure trove of all things manly, and it’s the perfect lifestyle blog to follow for any tech-mad gent.

You can also find Average Joes on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.


Jay Wicks – Twitter


Whether it’s improving your morning shave routine, showcasing the latest beardcare products or simply helping you to up your Pokémon Go game (congratulations on making it this far) then Jay Wicks is your man. His Twitter feed is packed with tips, tricks and great banter that’s well worth stopping for as you scroll through your timeline.

You can also find Jay Wicks on Pinterest

Off The Cuff LDN – Twitter


Get the latest on all the best men’s fashion trends from the national’s style capital and much, much more. Including reviews of trendy products made with British pride, like vintage record players and even cold brew coffee?!? Truly original, truly Off The Cuff.

You can also find Off The Cuff LDN on Facebook and Instagram.


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