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Popping a question – StagWeb talks to The Proposers


The proposal story is one that your fiancé-in-waiting will be sharing for years to come. So, to find out the do’s, the don’ts and the WTF’s of popping the question, we caught up with the celebrity proposal planners behind some of the world’s greatest “will you marry me’s”.

Proposers, I have a question, ahem, will you do me the great honour of becoming my interviewee?

Of course, It will be our pleasure.

Great! How did I do?

Very well!

So, what’s the biggest proposal you’ve ever helped with?

We can’t disclose too much about this one. It was in Monaco, in a beautiful hotel overlooking the Mediterranean. We hired out the entire venue, there was a personalised love story film, a huge marry me sign and a celebrity involved.


Another amazing proposal we created was Love Actually themed. Our client hired out a hotel room for his girlfriend for the night, which he sent designer clothes and a make up artist to. His girlfriend was then picked up from the hotel in a Ferrari and taken to the actual speedboat used in James Bond. She took a ride along the Thames to a helicopter, which flew her to a beautiful stately home where she was whisked off to a church. In the church a choir was waiting and, like the wedding scene in Love Actually, one by one the musicians got up and played their part. After they had finished our client got down on one knee and proposed. It was so romantic.

You must’ve seen some disasters too, what’s the worst proposal you’ve ever heard of?

Luckily we have a 100% YES success rate so haven’t had any disasters. However, we do know people who have been proposed to in a pub car park and in KFC! We know coming up with a proposal idea can be difficult, but surely men can be more creative than that?!?


What makes a great proposal?

You need to think about what your partner likes. If their favourite flowers are pink roses make sure you include them in the proposal. If they are a private person, don’t propose in the middle of a public place. Hire out a private room and decorate it beautifully instead.

One way of showing your partner how much you care is to create a love story timeline of important dates from your relationship. This shows your partner that you pay attention and value them.

It’s the little personalised details that you include in the proposal that your partner will remember forever, especially if they can have it as a keepsake.


Are there any cool techie boy toys guys can use or is this a no-no?

Absolutely! We have seen proposals where gamers have created a proposal within a game, which we think is really cool. Another way you can get tech involved is to use a drone to deliver the ring to your partner.

For any blokes who are thinking of dropping the big question and worrying about getting it right…

What are your top “do’s?”

– Choose an epic location. Choose a location that is special to you both and a place that you will want to come back to for years to come. If you are considering proposing outdoors you can never rely on the weather so should always have a backup plan just in case. It is most likely that you will take photos at the proposal so you’ll also want to make sure that you have a stunning backdrop.

– Create an amazing story- The first thing your fiancé will be asked after getting engaged is, ‘How did he propose?’ You want to have an incredible answer for this so make sure that you pull out all the stops and give you partner the proposal of their dreams.

– DO get down on one knee – It’s traditional and ladies love it. Not to mention, it’ll make an amazing photo.


What are your top “don’ts?”

– DON’T propose in a clichéd way –  Putting the ring in a glass of champagne has been overdone, not to mention your partner could choke! Why not get creative and put the ring in a box shaped cake instead?

– DON’T propose without a ring – If you’re not sure about which ring to buy, then propose with a fake one and go shopping together after the proposal. She’ll have to wear the ring for the rest of her life so you need to get it right, but proposing without a temporary ring just won’t do!

– DON’T wait until the last minute, sure it can be done (we’ve done it) but we wouldn’t recommend it. You only get one chance to do this and your partners’ worth the effort, so take your time. A ring can be upgraded, a story can’t.

– DON’T forget to hire a photographer so that the memory lasts forever and friends, as well as family, can see your special moment.


A lot of men struggle with nerves before popping the question, do you have any stress-busting advice?

All of our clients tell us how nervous they are before proposing, even if they have been with their partners for 10 years. We always tell them just to relax and enjoy it. This is just as much their proposal as it is their partners.

If they are worried about getting their words jumbled, we suggest writing it down and presenting the proposal speech in a creative way instead.


25 awesome marriage proposal ideas

What are the rules of the ring (apart from not giving it to Gollum)? How much? How big? Should the bride choose it? Help!

We work with a family-run jewellers called Purely Diamonds who suggest that this really depends on your partner, and your financial situation at the time. It is a myth that you should spend three months’ salary on the ring and there are no set rules when it comes to deciding on an engagement ring.

To find out what kind of ring you partner would like you can consult your their friends and family before proposing to see if they have given any hints away, or raid their jewellery box to see if they follow a certain design. Alternatively you can propose using a stand-in ring and then choose the ring together after.

In regards to price, remember that you can always upgrade the ring over the years so if you don’t have enough money to give your partner the ring you want right now, you can always spend more on another ring in the future.


Any final words of proposal wisdom for any blokes who decide to ask the big question this Christmas?

Christmas is one of the most romantic times of the year so you’re already off to a good start. Think out of the box and find a way to surprise her. We have planned a couple of ice skating proposals, which are always very romantic.


If you are proposing on Christmas Day you could personalise a cracker and put the ring inside, or propose using a Christmas ornament. There are so many ways to propose at Christmas and we are sure that your partner will love each and every one.


You can see more of The Proposers’ amazing work on their Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

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