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Achtung baby! – Stag Party Guide to Berlin


simonStagWeb’s Destination Manager Simon heads to Berlin.

“Ich bin ein berliner” Well actually I’m more of a beer lover so when the boss said “I’m sending you on a fact-finding mission to Berlin…!” my first thought wasn’t “But I don’t have any spare pants with me.”, it was “Yes sir! Beer o-clock!”.

Berlin just happens to be one of the world’s greatest party cities, it also has enough beer to sink the Bismarck. Challenge accepted.

Simon’s Stag Party Guide to Berlin

Best bar for stag laughs?

Franken Bar welcomes stag and hen parties with open arms. There’s a cracking atmosphere, live music and a real hipster feel about the place. Smoking is permitted inside (as in many German bars) and there is a massive array of spirits if you fancy getting the barman to create a stag cocktail for the groom.
Franken Bar –  Oranienstrasse 19a, 10999 Berlin

Best local bar?

If like me you prefer to stay away from the tourist traps (and inflated tourist prices) then head to Oberbaum Ecke, a proper local bar full of friendly local people and even friendlier local prices. The barman introduced me to the Mexicana Shot. Four shots later I told him I loved him. #awks!

Best local poison?

Mexicana Shot. It’s like a German Bloody Mary, very drinkable, it sneaks up and hits you like ‘das hammer’. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


Bar tips

Pace yourselves. German pubs stay open much later so locals don’t start drinking until around 8pm. Many people drink Club-Mate a shockingly good organic iced tea, as a way to not drink too much too quickly. A wise and surprising plan in city full of hedonism.

Best nightlife

The Kreuzberg area is packed with really cool bars and everything is in easy walking distance. There’s also great clubs and good restaurants to stop the stags wasting away.

Best local food?

Twinpigs is well worth a visit. I’d recommend the pulled pork rolls which truly are a thing of beauty. In fact the whole gaff is pretty cool, more a bar than a restaurant with guest DJ’s and some deadly man cocktails. I also popped my schnitzel cherry, “Schnitzel ist gud, ya!”
TwinPigsBoddinstraße 57a, 12053 Berlin

berlin stag weekends

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Best local dish?
‘Dorito Chilli Pie’ I took one look at the menu and instantly wondered how this hadn’t made it into my life before. Doritos, good. Chilli, good. Pie, brilliant. Add the three things together and it made me tingle where food shouldn’t make a man tingle.

Best ‘man grub’?

burgerYou simply HAVE to try a Burgermeister burger. I would walk to Berlin in order to get my teeth into one of these bad boys. Possibly the finest burger I’ve ever tasted. And I’ve had a lot of burgers.

#Weirdfact This quirky fast food joint is actually housed in an old converted public toilet.
Burgermeister – Oberbaumstraße 8, 10997

Best way to get about the city?

Berlin has an excellent underground network that runs with typical German efficiency and far cheaper than cabs. At night many of the best party areas are all in walking distance of our hotels. I found it easy getting around the city and didn’t shell out for a taxi once which gave me more money for ‘beer research’.

Best money saving tips?

Go local. The local hangouts are infinitely cheaper than the tourist bars and places like Burgermeister and Franken Bar mean you can eat and drink well without having to sell your organs to pay for it all (and after a trip to Berlin no one will want your liver anyway).

And do some sightseeing. It costs nothing and Berlin has been at the centre of so many huge political events such as the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Best activities?

kartingThey have one of the best Go Karting tracks known to stag-kind. 752 metres of amazing hard top and finely tuned carts. Typical German engineering and love of speed has come together to make the fastest go kart track I’ve seen. Plus up to 14 karts can race at a time. Game on!

For nights out the bierkeller (home to our StagWeb Meal Deal) was another winner and definitely the best night out I had during my visit.
See more about Go Karting

Best Berlin advice?

If you head to the bierkeller check out the waitress, if her flower is on the left-hand side it means she’s single. Of course if you’re the groom that’s useless advice, but if you’re a single best man, happy hunting!

Berliners don’t really head out until after 8pm and drink much slower, but the bars are open until 5am so pace your drinking, there’s plenty of time.

Anything to declare?

I shocked myself but Berlin is so much fun I actually didn’t get time to do as much drinking as I thought I would. Yes, I too am shocked and appalled. I’ll leave my man-card by the door and see myself out.

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