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Don’t Fear the Reeper(bahn) – Stag Party Guide to Hamburg


StagWeb’s Germany Destination Manager, Simon, heads to Hamburg.

At StagWeb we don’t just send you to cities unseen. We regularly visit all our locations to make sure you get the best hotels, best activities and the best deals.

So when the boss sent me to Hamburg on a ‘stag do recognisance mission’ I couldn’t wait to get to the city that John Lennon claims made the Beatles men. It also happens to have some of the best nightlife known to stag-kind!

Simon’s Stag Party Guide to Hamburg

Best bar for stag laughs?

Thomas Read. It’s difficult to find a city that doesn’t have an Irish pub, but it just so happens that this is a bloody good one. Favoured by the locals the venue has superb live music, an outdoor beach bar (?!?), upstairs there’s a club, and it’s also within skipping distance of the red light district – but probably best not to skip there. That would be weird.

Thomas Read – Nobistor 10, 22767 Hamburg

Best local bar?

St Pauli Beach Bar is odd. Brilliantly so. Firstly, there is no beach. Hamburg has an industrial port, so this mad bar sits on the edge of the water looking at cranes and with some sand scattered about, and, do you know what? It’s brilliant! Great food and some killer man cocktails you should sample on your big night out. Being in St Pauli, it’s also within easy walking distance of the Reeperbahn.

St Pauli Beach Bar – Hafenstraße 89, 20359 Hamburg

hamburg at night
red light district tour

Best local poison?

It would be rude to go to Germany and not try the schnapps. So I did. Two weeks later, I could almost taste things again and finally lost the burning sensation in my chest.

Bar tips

Stay away from the tourist traps and try the local drinks and food. Far cheaper and in my opinion, far better.

Best nightlife


There’s really only one place that matters if you’re having a stag party in Hamburg – and that’s the Reeperbahn. And it’s nothing seedy, it’s actually packed with great bars, clubs, restaurants… plus lots of lap dancing venues (among other things!). So while St Pauli might have a dodgy reputation, in reality, it’s a very cosmopolitan party place. There’s even a special set of gates to keep out kids… and women!

Best local food?

The Hofbrauhaus Meal is awesome! It is a totally mad night and superb atmosphere. Plus everything is BIG. The beers, the food, even the band are playing it large. My advice is to give in to the atmosphere and have a blast.

StagWeb Meal Deal

3 course Bavarian feast + 1 beer + 1 shot + free lap dance entry.
Call us on 0845 130 5225 for more details.

Best local dish?

The hamburger, of course! But if you like kebabs, then you’ll love Hamburg.

Best ‘man grub’?

You simply have to have a hamburger in Hamburg. The Bird is an amazing hipster burger joint that does giant steaks, plus the best burgers in town. Does the hamburger really come from Hamburg? You can argue it out with the locals over one of these giant bad boys.

The Bird – Trommelstr 4, St Pauli, 20359 Hamburg


Best way to get about the city?

Once you’re in the city centre (and all our accommodation is based in the heart of the city) then everything is within walking distance so there’s no need to be shelling out on cabs. Taxis to and from the airport cost around £27 or ask our team about free transfers.


Best money-saving tips?

Lap dance clubs can be pretty intimidating and not cheap. A round of beers will set you back your mortgage. Check prices before you enter or better yet arrange entry before you head out there so you get a deal or you could get stung.

Best activities?

beer bike

Beer bike! It’s your very own pedal-powered pub! You get to see some of the city, get a bit of exercise, and drink beer all from the same seat. Hilarious fun and even better if you provide the groom with a bit of fancy dress to wear.

Anything to declare?

When my guide said, “Have you tried schnapps?” I should have said, “Yes” because everything after saying no got a little hazy.

Want to plan a monumental Hamburg stag do? Click the link to learn all there is to know about organising an unforgettable weekend in Hamburg!

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