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It’s been a truly crazy year with some crazy men doing some pretty crazy things. Most of which you couldn’t make up.

Vardy and pals inspired the world, Donald Trump was banned from using Twitter by his own advisers before becoming the world’s most powerful man (he can’t be trusted with Twitter and now he has control of the nuclear launch codes!?!). Boris Johnson upset, well everyone, Clarkson, Hammond and May have come back bigger, better and carrying a few extra pounds, while the Welsh and Northern Irish football fans made hundreds of new friends and the English rugby team became immortal.

Sam & Roy both got it wrong. Anthony Joshua got it right. Mo Farrah did the double double and we said goodbye to some true legends; Bowie, Corbett, Prince, Wogan, Rickman et al. But there has to be winners and losers, so it’s time to celebrate the year’s biggest winners.

Sportsman of the Year

Jamie Vardy – The rags to riches story of grass roots to Premiership top star is a football fairytale. And on the day Leicester won the title…? Jamie Vardy was actually having a party with all the players at his gaff.
Mo Farrah – Despite being totally devoted to his family, Magic Mo put his life on hold to pursue Olympic glory, first he gave us Super Saturday then made sporting history with the distance double double.
Alistair Brownlee – He’s got more medals than a South American dictator but he’s still a nice guy. In one race he gave up the lead when he saw brother Jonny was in trouble. With just 700m to go Alistair abandoned the win to go help his brother cross the line. Now THAT’S how you become a sporting hero.
Marcus Willis – Britain loves an underdog. Party loving, world number 772 Willis found himself on centre court facing Roger Federer. The part time coach won the hearts of the nation during his fantastic tournament.

And the winner is…

Marcus Willis

It’s not just Willbomb’s theme tune or the way he truly made the most of his time on the most famous court in the world. But watching Willis being interviewed gave you a sense of ‘here’s one of us doing what we’ve all dreamed of’. And doing it bloody well. 

TV Personality of the Year

Baasit Siddiqui – Gogglebox – The Siddiquis are the voice of reason among some of the crazier Goggleboxers. As well as a great one liner, Baasit seems to have great knowledge on pretty much everything, definitely someone you’d want in your pub quiz team.
Chris Evans – TFI Friday – The Friday night messiah brought back one of the greatest shows ever. And it was just as good as we all remembered. The only difference was Mr Evans might actually have been sober this time around.
Simon Rimmer – Sunday Brunch – Top bloke and certainly ‘one of the lads’ Simon Rimmer is a welcome distraction from your weekend hangover. As well as some great laughs he whips up meals that almost make you want to get off the sofa and make more toast.
James Corden – The Late Late Show – Another guy with a real touch of ‘everyman’ about him, you wish you were one of his mates but you aren’t because he’s mates with Tom Hanks, Gaga and Beckham. Movie star, singer, surprisingly good dancer, chat show host, comedian and top bloke.

And the winner is…

Baasit Siddiqui

Ok, so Baasit might not have the Hollywood cachet as some polished TV pros but he’s a proper blokes’ bloke. Smart and well informed, he comes out with some killer one liners and seems like a man who’d never try and dodge his round.

Actor of the Year

Nicholas Hoult – X-Men Apocalypse – It’s always hard to remember Hoult start off as the weirdo kid in ‘About a Boy’, he’s now a genuine A-lister and easily our favourite X-man off the back of brilliant performances in Mad Max and Kill Your Friends.
Rory McCann – Game of Thrones – One scene/episode/season stealing performance was all it took to get Rory McCann AKA Sandor Clegane, aka The Hound on our list. Hugely underrated, his brooding performances have been more menacing than a hungry dire wolf.
James Buckley – Zapped – OK, so this show isn’t going to win any BAFTAs but it’s been brilliant fun really well held together by Buckley’s central role. Without doubt currently one of the UK’s best comedy actors.
Paul Anderson – Peaky Blinders – Paul Anderson has had the nation gripped as deeply troubled Arthur Shelby. Violent, explosive, unpredictable (like a Birmingham/Villa derby), he’s shown an utterly convincing performance in the stand out drama of the year.

And the winner is…

Paul Anderson

While Arthur Shelby might not be anyone’s ideal brother or even drinking companion (if you managed to get to a second pint without it all kicking off), Anderson’s amazing portrayal still has you routing for a man torn between family and love.

Rock Legend/s of 2016

Rick Astley – If you’ve never been Rickrolled then you must have been living in a cave forever. Even the Whitehouse got in on it. And Astley never did give us up. He’s back and has been bashing out some stonkingly good soul tunes.
Ricky Wilson – Mr Wilson has gone from nice fluffy TV bloke and back to doing what he does best and the world is a better place for it. The Kaisers are back with a new album and Ricky is leading the charge as both good bloke and rock idol. Nice trick.
Royal Blood – The Brighton based duo would be forgiven for believing all the hype because since bursting on the scene they have been pumping out top tunes that’s impossible not to nod you head to when driving. Go on, we double dare you…
Michael Kiwanuka – Seems to have been compared to every soul singer ever from Marvin Gaye to Randy Newman but the fact while he does seem to have a touch of Motown about him, he’s brilliantly original and long may he continue.

And the winner is…

Michael Kiwanuka

It’s not just the fact that he’s so effortlessly cool, but somehow he’s been putting together brilliantly crafted tunes that make you feel cooler when listening to them. And essentially that’s what music is for.

Social Man of the Year

Bob Lucas – Just laughs, that’s all Bob brings, he’s not trying to mend the world, he’s not trying to teach us things, his Facebook feed is simply there to make us laugh. And you know what. It works. Thanks Bob Bloke.
Simply the Best Man – Another Facebook stalwart, ‘StBM’ have been banging out jokes and utterly stupid man advice for the past few years. Definitely gets our vote if they run for government.
Trusty Transfers – We’re not sure who this macked hero is but this excellent Twitter feed is full of the latest news and football gags.
Boring Milner – This spoof Twitter account is almost worth getting excited for. But not too much. Weirdly addictive and utterly hilarious.

And the winner is…

Boring Milner

We’ve never got quite so excited about something so utterly boring. Some say it’s a great spoof account, others argue it’s the real Milner and he really is that boring. But apparently when him and Henderson share room’s he’s the funny one!?! Whoever is running this show is comedy gold.

Vlogger of the Year

Where’s My Challenge – Slightly deranged in a healthy(ish) kind of way, each week the presenters take one for the team uploading man challenges on increasingly grand scale to their YouTube channel. Pointless? Yes. Entertaining? Very. Watch on YouTube.
Completed It Mate – “That idiot from the InBetweeners” (in his own words) James Buckley is a top bloke and absolute game obsessive. James takes on some of the latest games releases as well as classics of yesteryear. A slice of retro gaming heaven. Watch on YouTube.
F2Freestylers – Jaw dropping freestyle football action. Some of the biggest names in the game drop by from Koeman to Neymar. Hugely addictive you’ll be drawn in for days. Watch on YouTube.
Christopher Bingham – Remember when sketch shows used to be funny? Well thanks to Bing they are again, but forget the telly box, check out his hilarious channel, you’ll never switch on your TV again. Maybe. Or not. Watch on YouTube.

And the winner is…

Completed it Mate
No it doesn’t have the biggest budget or mess around the special effects but it’s unnervingly addictive and with James Buckley at the helm it really does feel like hanging out with one of your best mates. The Weird one. That you wouldn’t want dating your sister.

StagWeb’s Man of the Year Award…

And the winner is…

Marcus Willis

Not only was he the highlight of Wimbledon but in between talking to the press, playing one of the greatest players of all time, appearing on centre court, having a laugh with his mates, stopping to sign autographs and making time for fans, Marcus also got his girlfriend pregnant. So, no “Not before the match” ban for Marcus… Although it does throw up the question; Would he have beaten Federer if he’d had an early night? No.

But it’s doesn’t matter. While some point to Leicester winning the Premiership, we say this is our favourite underdog story of the year making Marcus our Man of the Year.

Man of the Year Awards 2017…

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