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Stag Party Guide to Vilnius


StagWeb’s Jamie B heads to Vilnius to have more fun than he’s normally allowed!

jamieWhen StagWeb told me to go on a fact finding mission to Vilnius I put the appropriate ‘Oh-no-Darling’ face on when I broke the news to She-who-must-be-obeyed. “Oh no Darling, work are sending me to one of the best stag destinations on the planet where I’m going to have to sample the beer, do amazing activities and have a complete ball. Bummer!” or words to that effect.

What I wasn’t expecting to hear back was “That’s ok, I’m free that weekend, I’ll come with you!”

“Doh! Here’s what happened next, the weird fish, the beer challenge and why you shouldn’t call ‘999’.

Jamie’s Stag Party Guide to Vilnius

Best bar for stag laughs?

beersBambalayne – This isn’t so much of a bar, more of a challenge. They stock over 100 different Lithuanian beers. We (well I) decided we should sample as many of them as possible. Thankfully my Peri is used to my mad games and joined me (yep, she’s a keeper). I won’t tell you our eventual total but I will tell you, you simply MUST visit this funky cellar bar while in town.

Address – Stiklių g. 7, Vilnius 01131

Best sports bar?

rePUBlic No4 – If the thing you most miss from home is your local boozer then this superb English themed pub should scratch that itch, it’ll also pour that pint, serve that food and shows big screen sports action. Weekends also see live bands and DJs. It does a great mix of pub grub and local dishes. Even a proper English breakfast!

Website | Vilniaus g. 10, Kaunas 44280

Best local poison?

999 – It’s the local equivalent of vodka except this stuff is brewed by the devil himself. Through his socks! We decided to give it a go and once we got used to the burning throats and impaired vision it was ok. But neither of us can remember how we got back to our hotel, whose email address Peri had written on my hand or why and I’m too scared to email them and ask as neither of us know how the night ended.

Bar Tips

Approach 999 with extreme caution. Or better yet, only break it out in emergencies.

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Best nightlife?

Mojo – OK, hands up I’m not the world’s greatest dancer. It’s a cross I bear and that Peri has come to terms with, but even I hit the dance floor at this great club. Totally cool décor, great tunes, and some great drinks, it feels like a great, grown-up place to party with a welcoming feel which so few clubs achieve. And Peri didn’t even pretend not to know me. Result.

Website | Vokiečių g. 2, Vilnius 01130

Best local food?

Fortas – This superb restaurant serves dishes from across Europe as well as a great selection of local dishes. Peri and I let our guide order for us and were both really pleased with what we had, even if we couldn’t pronounce it. There’s something for everyone and the portion sizes are excellent.

Website | Pilies g. 16, Vilnius 01123

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Best local dish?

Spuds. Seriously, there is nothing Lithuanians can’t do with a humble spud. Even potato sausages! Yeah, I know, that’s exactly what we thought but do you know what, they’re actually pretty darn good. I’d heartily recommend you try the local grub. It’s wholesome, tasty and you get plenty of it.

Best ‘man grub’?

Hesburger – If you’re looking for that late night pitstop then Hesburger are a name known throughout the Baltic states that do great burgers, fries, kebabs and more. Ask for the Giant Bacon Burger and ask them to add curry mayonnaise, you can thank me later.

Website | Can be found all over Vilnius

Best way to get about the city?

Vilnius is actually a really compact city. You can pretty much walk everywhere. Book a city centre hotel and you certainly won’t need to squeeze everyone into taxis on a night out and I’d certainly recommend staying in the city as there is just so much to see and do right on your doorstep.

Best money saving tips?

Stick to the local drinks. Their beers and spirits really are excellent, if slightly lethal, but they’re much cheaper than imported brands.

Best Activities?

ice fishingIce Fishing – Might not be the first activity that springs to mind but this was brilliant! We walked out onto a frozen river and had to drill our own holes. Proper Bear Grylls stuff and felt like being a part of nature. Read more…

AK-47 Shooting – The only time ‘the boss’ didn’t want to play but I had the best time! I’ve shot a lot of guns on a lot of stag trips but absolutely nothing compares to firing an AK-47. Boyhood bucket list well and truly ticked and another Vilnius stag do must! Read more…

The only downside was Peri went shopping and came back and informed me that I’d bought her a pair of shoes!?!

Best Vilnius advice?

Go there! I genuinely cannot recommend the city enough, there are a lot of great stag destinations in Europe, I’ve been lucky enough to visit most of them but Vilnius really is in a class of its own for the sheer variety of activities, friendliness of the people and that great addition of randomness (like 999, potato sausages, ice fishing) that you’ll look back on and talk about for years to come.

Anything to declare?

OK, ok, only Peri managed to catch any fish! I know. I let myself down, I let StagWeb down and I feel I’ve let you down. I’ll hand in my man card later.

We’d like to point out that StagWeb accepts no responsibility for anyone who was injured while Jamie was dancing, you shouldn’t have been foolish enough to stand and stare but should have taken cover like everyone else did.

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