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If Your Stag Do Was A Movie…


If your stag do was a movie what kind of movie would it be?

Would you be the hero, fighting the odds, charming the ladies and making it home with a glint in his eye and a new scar that you won’t talk about?

Would the guys overcome all obstacles and pull together to become champions?

And would the groom make it past the first reel or fall before anyone’s even opened their popcorn?

If your stag do was a movie…


The biopic stag do takes the groom back to one of his old stomping grounds (where he grew up, university city) and retells his story though a series of events and potential guest stars such as former teachers, team mates, parole officer.

It’s a great way to really do something a bit special that your best mate will remember for years to come.

Tag-Line; You can take the boy out of North Piddle but you can’t take the North Piddle out of the boy.



Line up all the action, arm the groom and the rest of the stags, light the fuse and stand well back! This kind of stag weekend will involve some kind of combat, it could be Game of Thrones style, you could be battle zombies or simply beating (the crap out of) each other. All the matters is there should be high risk and beers for the survivors.

Tag-Line; We came. We saw. We drank!



Everyone loves a good chuckle, especially when the butt of the jokes is one of your oldest and dearest mates (he’s getting married so in fairness he has no one to blame but himself). This will involve dressing him up, putting him down and basically having as many laughs at possible, mostly at his expense (‘It’s what he would have wanted’). You could also see some comedy pros in action.

Tag-Line; Weekend laughs for men who should know better…



The greatest stag crime caper is the classic kidnap prank. Having recruited the help of his dearly beloved you’ve got a bag of his spare clothes and passport in the boot. You’ve also got some gaffa tape, a blindfold and mates dressed in balaclavas on the backseat. You’re now waiting outside his workplace ready to take him on a weekend he’ll never forget. No matter how hard he tries!

Tag-Line; It was time to teach him a lesson!


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Some might call this a ‘buddy movie’ but you know what it really is. Yeah he’s annoying sometimes, has terrible dress sense, supports a crap football team and still hasn’t given back the Alan Shearer Soccer Tips DVD he borrowed when you were both 10. But dammit you can’t help but love the guy. So you’ve packed all his favourite things in to one short weekend of man-love.

Tag-Line; “I love you man… But in a boozy, football kind of way.”



You forgot to book the weekend in time, all that’s left is your Aunt Maggie’s caravan in Clacton and the hope that you can fill it with enough beer and pizza that the guys won’t notice it’s probably the worst stag do ever. Oh why didn’t you just book with StagWeb when you had the time?!?

Tag-Line; From the outside he looked like an idiot. But inside, he was still an idiot.



You sat down with the groom. You mapped out his bucket list and have picked the most butt-clenching, hangover-testing, sheer terrifying challenges known to stag-kind. In fact some of you might not make it back at all. It’s going to be epic!

Tag-Line; Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the weekend.



Go west! No, not in a Village People kind of way. We’re talking about the real Wild West… Somerset. Where the men are men and the cider is nervous. As well as some of the UK’s biggest, baddest and weirdest activities, Somerset is also home to some of the best pies and scrumpy cider on the planet!

Tag-Line; “Oilroight therrre moi lovverrrr?”


movies stag dos

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