38 Best British Beers 2017

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Indian Beast – The Indian Brewery Company

ABV – 5.0%
Tasting Notes – Citrus fruits, woodland herbs with malty flavours.
Drink it when… You fancy a beer with a bark and a bite.

Based in Birmingham, The Indian Brewery Company are bringing the best of India’s exotic flavours to our beer-loving shores and mixing them with their utterly unique brews for your drinking pleasure. The “Indian Beast” for example, is a fiery blend of traditional golden ale with a citrus twist, complimented by woodland herbs and rich malts. All with an easy-drinking 5% ABV. Another please, barman.

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RIP – Davenports

ABV – 5.2%
Tasting Notes – Bitter American hops with tastes of malt and citrus fruits.
Drink it when… Mummy’s little soldier is all tuckered out and ready to drop dead.

Despite the name, RIP is actually more likely to bring you back to life than send you into a long, restful sleep after a day on the #sesh. This “Real Indian Pale” based on a Dares recipe is effortless, refreshing drinking, handcrafted by the beer experts of the nearly 200-year-old Davenports brewery. Guaranteeing you a fuller, fruitier, hoppier and distinctively better tasting craft brew.

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XXX – Three Tuns Brewery

ABV – 4.3%
Tasting Notes – Sweet malts, earthy tastes with floral notes.
Drink it when… Feeling cultured and particularly beardy. Pipe not a must, but encouraged.

So, we’re not quite sure what the three X’s in XXX stand for or really mean. It could be an X for each of the generations this recipe has been passed down through, it could be a strict warning that only experienced craft beer drinkers need apply or it could simply be a mystery that we’ll never truly solve. But we were too busy staring at the ceiling to care, as we took another sip of the Three Tuns Brewery’s best work. Seriously, memorise this pump clip because it’s one that you need to keep an eye open for.

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UBU – Purity Brewing Company

ABV – 4.5%
Tasting Notes A bittersweet brew with a smooth finish and a fresh fruit taste.
Drink it when… Feeling the need to enjoy man’s favourite drink with relaxing with man’s best friend.

You’d have to be pretty soulless not to be drawn to a beer that’s named after Purity Brewing Company’s “faithful canine friend ‘UBU”. And if it’s indeed true that “the dog is mad” then this 7-time award-winning brew is more than a fitting tribute, with a distinctively different bittersweet taste that ends with a smooth finish and lasts long after you’re done drinking with vibrant fruity notes and an expert choice of malts that includes English Maris Otter.

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Iceberg – Titanic Brewery

ABV – 4.1%
Tasting Notes – A refreshing wheat beer with Maris Otter malts and vibrant hops.
Drink it when… Landside, portside, or any other side you can think of.

Titanic Brewery’s Iceberg is a beer that will see you sinking pint after pint, it’s seriously refreshing thanks to its Yakima Galena and Cascade hops. And as well as dodging the usual heaviness of other wheat beers, this monumental brew adds even more “zest” with English Maris Otter as well as fine wheat malts. “I’m flying, Jack!”

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