38 Best British Beers 2017

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Riders on the Storm – Kelham Island Brewery

ABV – 4.5%
Tasting Notes – Wholesome amber ale with a storm of American and British hops.
Drink it when… You’re ordering one for the road.

Amber ale can be a tricky business. If brewed incorrectly, they can be too light, if overdone, too heavy. So, we were pleased to discover that Sheffield’s Kelham Island Brewery really have hit the eye of the storm with their own brand of the amber brew, a beer so delicately balanced, hoppy and quintessentially tasty, that you won’t be able to stop yourself from riding this storm all over again. The Doors would be proud.

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New World – Northern Monk Brew Co.

ABV – 6.2%
Tasting Notes – Tropical fruits, five different hop variants from the US, Australia and the UK.
Drink it when… You’re feeling multicultural.

The exceedingly cool Northern Monk Brew Co. have clearly done their homework when it comes to the history of the IPA as their New World brew is an excellent homage to the pale ales’ origins as a liquid refreshment created for colonists in what were then foreign and strange lands. Taking hops from Britain as well as two of the original British colonies, Australia and the Americas, New World is a very well-cultured brew that’s perfect summer drinking thanks to it’s tropical, fruity notes and hoppy bitterness. Cheers!

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Smash & Grab – Vocation Brewery

ABV – 8.5%
Tasting Notes – Bursts with citrus flavours with a fresh, hoppy taste.
Drink it when… You’re (for reasons unbeknownst to you) angry with your liver.

Now this is one beer that you need to respect. Because if you don’t, your experience won’t be so much about Smash & Grab, as it will be about you grabbing a can and getting smashed! Checking in at a rather impressive 8.5% ABV, this double IPA is a serious statement from Vocation Brewery that when it comes to brewing, they don’t muck around. And nor should they when their beers end up this tasty, practically exploding with citrussy notes and leaving a surprisingly smooth finish on the palate. Dangerously moreish.

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A Moment of Clarity – Mad Hatter Brewing Company

ABV – 6.0%
Tasting Notes – Fermented like an IPA, tastes like a lager with a vibrant, zingy finish.
Drink it when… You’re having 20-something-year-old thinking time. Listening to Dust in the Wind.

Based in Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle, Mad Hatter Brewing Company create all their beers in a dynamic, multicultural environment that breeds brilliant new thinking and, judging by their craft offering, boozy innovations. We too had A Moment of Clarity (both literally and figuratively) as we realised that, you know what, pale ale doesn’t have to taste like pale ale. It can taste just as it does here, refreshing, zingy and surprisingly lager-like, with a drinkable quality perfect for summer sessions in Merseyside beer gardens everywhere.

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Flat White – Alphabet Brewing Company

ABV – 7.4%
Tasting Notes – Coffee tastes with notes of oats and a smooth, milky finish.
Drink it when… A liquid breakfast sounds like a good idea (when doesn’t it?)

White. Breakfast. Stout. Three words that we can almost guarantee you thought you’d never see next to each other. And yet, here it is. In all its glory. Alphabet Brewing Company’s Flat White is a boozy, brilliant masterpiece of a beer. It’s a coffee in a beer bottle. Or a beer in a coffee cup. It’s coffee, milk, oats and 7.4% alcohol mixed together to make a craft beer that you can drink for breakfast, second breakfast, elevenses, brunch… You get the gist.

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Dr Rudi Pale Ale – Newcastle Brewing Ltd

ABV – 4.9%
Tasting Notes – Subtle notes of lemongrass, fresh pine and tropical fruits.
Drink it when… You’re thirsty and the only available refreshment is beer (what a shame…)

“A message to you Rudi…” Your pale ale is bloomin’ spectacular. Newcastle Brewing Ltd really outdid themselves creating this absolute gem of a beer that you could probably give to anyone, your Gran, Aunt Brenda, your 3rd cousin twice removed and be saluted for choosing such an excellent brew. Named after the “father of New Zealand hops”, Dr Rudi Pale Ale is perfect for warmer weather with fresh notes of pine, tropical fruit and lemongrass.

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