38 Best British Beers 2017

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Northern Ireland

Ewe Rebel – Whitewater Brewery

ABV – 7.0%
Tasting Notes – Well balanced IPA with the perfect amount of bitters and hops, including Cascade.
Drink it when… Ordinary IPA’s and lagers just aren’t getting your goat.

Described by talented creators Whitewater Brewery as an “IPA Heavyweight”, Ewe Rebel is certainly more than capable of providing a knockout punch at the end of a “sesh” if you’re looking for the perfect nightcap before hitting the hay. But this beer deserves so much more than that, and if you give this maverick pale ale your full attention, you’ll be rewarded with unexpected tones of citrus and grapefruit, as well as the perfect balance of bitters and hops. “Not b-a-a-a-a-a-a-d” (Geddit, geddit? Okay, we’ll show ourselves out).

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Buck’s Head – Hilden Brewery

ABV – 7.2%
Tasting Notes – Double IPA with a strong hop character.
Drink it when… You’re in the mood to “go stag” with your beer choice.

There’s no denying it. IPA is BIG in the world of craft brewing at the moment. But instead of sticking to the norm, Northern Ireland’s inventive Hilden Brewery have taken the concept of the humble IPA and doubled the action. Creating Buck’s Head in the process. A brilliant, exceptionally well-balanced double-strength IPA with a strong hop character and enough bitterness to keep experienced beer drinkers happy in the process. Bitter. Hoppy. Happy. Everything a pint should be, and so much more.

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The Goats Butt – Hillstown Brewery

ABV – 5.3%
Tasting Notes – Wheat beer with surprisingly spicy notes and fruit flavours.
Drink it when… You’re in need of a beer with a sense of humour.

With brews called things like “The Drunken Donkey”, “The Squealing Pig”, “The Spitting Llama” and the “Horny Bull Stout”, it seems like Hillstown Brewery are just trying to make you crack up red-faced when placing your order at the bar. And we can only say more power to them when their beer is as tasty as “The Goats Butt” (stop sniggering back there). This award-winning Hefeweizen style wheat beer is loaded with fruity flavours, as well as a hint of rye to add an unexpected spicy zing to its finish.

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