38 Best British Beers 2017

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Ale House Rock – Crafty Devil Brewing

ABV – 6.2%
Tasting Notes – Refreshing, hoppy tasting American style beer. Best drank cold.
Drink it when…Those hips won’t stop shakin’… And you’re too scared to visit your GP.

The only brewery on this list to be crowdfunded by its patrons is Crafty Devil Brewing, and their beer. Is. Awesome. These Cardiff-based brewing boffins believe that no two brews should taste the same and if that’s not a reason to drink your way through their selection at the same rate you binged the last series of The Sopranos then we don’t know what is. Take Ale House Rock for proof of their creative genius; a hoppy, American style pale that goes by the moniker of the “King of Ales”. Bow. Down.

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Hadouken – Tiny Rebel

ABV – 7.4%
Tasting Notes – Hoppy, full-bodied American style IPA.
Drink it when… Stringing together those sweet, sweet combos. TKO!

This Street Fighter inspired beer from Wales’ revolutionary Tiny Rebel brewery is brilliantly hoppy and if you’ve never wondered what an “Amplified IPA” might taste like before, then you owe it yourself to order a Hadouken and treat yourself to a sip of this finely crafted, American style pale ale. A combo of US hops will be unleashed on your taste palates, ending in a down, right-down, right button-mash of a boozy finish that Ryu himself would enjoy. Hadouken!

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Masquerade – Monty’s Brewery

ABV – 4.6%
Tasting Notes – Gluten free and barley free, without sacrificing its golden taste.
Drink it when… Searching for your next easy-drinking ale.

The life of a coeliac can be tough, most of all because finding gluten and wheat free beer is a challenge that we wouldn’t wish upon the worst of humanity (yes, even half-and-half football scarf wearers). We doff our caps to Monty’s Brewery, then, as they’ve developed their Coeliac UK certified Masquerade golden ale without wheat and with all the pesky gluten content broken down to less than 20ppm. But instead of sacrificing the taste, they’ve somehow improved upon the traditional recipe. Which is a brewing feat worth celebrating if we’ve ever seen one.

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Pierre Bleu – Bluestone Brewing

ABV – 6.5%
Tasting Notes – Coriander tastes, hints of pepper and spicy hops.
Drink it when… Stella Artois is your idea of “proper Belgian beer”. We mean, come on, man…

Wales’ loud and proud Bluestone Brewing Company is no stranger to putting their own twist on classic brewing recipes and they’re right back at it again with the Pierre Bleu, their own rendition of the traditional Belgian ale. With an alcoholic content of 6.5% ABV, this brew certainly lets you know it’s there, while treating your senses to a range of unusual flavours like coriander, pepper and spicy hops to boot. Sante! (cheers!)

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