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The Brat Pack – Stag Party Guide to Bratislava

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Bratislava profileStagWeb’s Senior Client Director (or self-titled ‘International Man of Mystery’) Jamie heads to Bratislava.

At StagWeb we don’t just send you away, wave our hankies and cross our fingers, we visit all our destinations in person to ensure we get the best deals on hotels, activities and nightlife while making sure everything meets our high standards.

I was also well aware of the fact that Bratislava has some lethal liquors, superb beers and microbreweries. So I decided I’d better take it like a man and sample some of them for your benefit.

You’re welcome!

Jamie’s Stag Party Guide to Bratislava   

Best bar for stag laughs

Bar Rock has a slight Hard Rock feel, but instead of being packed with memorabilia and tourists, Bar Rock is a maze of really cool rooms with live music, games machines and a good mix of locals and tourists.

Bar Rock – Sedlárska 366/1, 811 01

Best local bar

Bratislava drinksBratislava is a surprising hipster city and has some great bars, one of the best is Cuba Libra, a laid-back rum and cigar bar which attracts the city’s bright young things. It also has a really relaxed feeling, before hitting some of the bigger, badder clubs.

Cuba Libre – Laurinská 138/11, 811 01

Best local poison

Borovicka, Slivovica, Hruskovica, three unbelievably strong local spirits, possibly brewed by the Devil himself to catch unsuspecting tourists. The bar owner gave me a shot of each, when I woke up I could no longer feel my tongue and think I was engaged to his daughter. If my wife finds out she’ll go mental!

Bar tips

Bratislava beer

Drink the local brews. Imported big name spirits (JD, etc) are really heavily taxed and very expensive, compared to the locally brewed drinks which are really cheap, incredibly tasty and most of them are pretty deadly. In a good way.

Best nightlife

You don’t need to leave the Old Town, it’s absolutely stuffed with amazing bars, clubs and restaurants. There’s one part of the Old Town that has so many bars it’s known locally as the ‘Bermuda Triangle’ because people go in and then seem to disappear for days.

Weirdest local dish

Bratislava food

Cabbage. As a kind of sauerkraut, cabbage is served with everything. Order a steak… You’ll get cabbage. Roast chicken… Cabbage. Cheeseburger… McCabbage.

Best ‘man grub’

Bratislava loves a dumpling and we don’t mean James Corden (everyone loves James Corden). These are potato dumplings and can be found in most restaurants and cafes.  My favourite were served in a cheese and bacon sauce.

Best late-night food

Kebabs. Yes, the food of the party gods, the city has dozens of fantastic kebab joints for that vital post pub snack.

Best way to get about the city?

Bratislava city
On foot. The Old town area is completely pedestrianised so you won’t need to spend money on cabs, you can reach all the best bars, clubs and restaurants with a little legwork.

Best money saving tips?

Fly to Vienna. No seriously, if you want to go to Bratislava (and you really should want to), fly to Vienna which has a lot more regular (and much cheaper) flights and then get a bus from Vienna to Bratislava. The bus ride was only 45 minutes and cost me just €5.

Best activities?

Bratislava target shooting
Hands down, it’s the shooting. Yes, Bratislava has one of the best go kart tracks I’ve ever seen but the shooting is just something else and when there’s a group of you competing it’s even better! There’s also a white water rafting centre that has been a training camp for Olympic gold medallists. Please ask our team for any more details. Or check out our Bratislava Activities.

Best Bratislava advice?

Book the apartments. Yes, there are some really good hotels, the hostel is top quality and a great budget option but the apartments are not just superb value for money, they’re also right in the heart of the Old Town.

See our Bratislava accommodation options here.

Anything to declare?

I’m already booked. I’m lucky, in my job I get to travel and party in some of the world’s greatest cities but I loved Bratislava so much I’ve already got it booked for a friends’ stag weekend and will be heading back there soon. Although there’s one bar and bar owner’s daughter I’ll be steering clear of.

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