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Lazy Blokes Guide to Organising a Stag Do


The groom has bestowed the greatest honour any man can give a friend, he’s asked you to be his best man. What a ****! Now you have to write a speech, iron a shirt, learn how to tie a tie. To be honest it’s the kind of hassle you could live without. At least there’s a free bar.

And now it turns out you’ve got to organise his stag do too! Is there no end to the madness? Doesn’t he know you’ve just bought the latest edition of Pro Evo and a family pack of Frazzles?

Surely there’s got to be a few shortcuts…?

Fancy Dress

Fancy dress is a great way to create party spirit. But hiring a costume ain’t cheap. Thankfully you have a wardrobe full of bad clothes. Find the worst, see what kind of outfit they make and then tell the rest of the guests that, that’s the theme.

Stag Do Games

A true stag aficionado would know where to download some hilarious free stag do games (you’re welcome!). Alternatively hit the charity shops, get as many board games as possible and change the title to include the word ‘Beer’.

• Beer-nopoly
• Connect Beer
• Snakes & Beer
• The Game of Beer

Stag Do T-Shirts

You could find out everyone’s sizes, pick a design and order online. Or you could just tell everyone to wear their favourite T-shirt, take a big marker pen and write “We’re with stupid!” on their chests. Then write a nice big “I am stupid” on the groom’s T-shirt. It’s now a ‘toofa’, stag T-shirts and funny groom insult (toofa = two for the price of one).

Stag Do Nicknames

Some blokes go to huge lengths to give everyone a great stag do nickname. Naming everyone after their favourite biscuit, band or random theme takes time and effort. No worries, just take stickers and a pen, as soon as you meet each guest write their worst feature on a sticker;

• Big Nose
• Baldy
• Jug Ears
• Crab Breath
• Tries-Too-Hard

Slap it on their chest, stag nickname a go-go.

Deciding Where to Go

Ask the groom to write a list of where he’d most like to go. Burn that list. Now pick somewhere nearer and easier to get to that you haven’t previously been deported from (to be fair the uniform really did make her look like a stripper). Hire a minibus ask the guys to chip in for petrol and hope you don’t break down on the way.

Picking Somewhere to Stay

Yeah, a hotel would’ve been great, unfortunately you got side-tracked by those bacon snacks and a need to finish the Pro Evo season on a high. The result? You’ve now got two weeks to find suitable accommodation as close to Brighton as possible. You hope all the guys like caravans.

Pub Crawl

Even you can organise one of those. And luckily the crap village the crap caravan site is in only has two pubs so it shouldn’t require too much actual crawling. Although the groom probably isn’t going to be wildly impressed by a two pub, pub crawl.

Stag Challenges

You’ve at least got this one sorted… A Pro Evo tournament! Genius. Unfortunately when you reach the caravan you find there’s no TV to plug the PlayStation into. Kindly the guys challenge you to eat stinging nettles instead. It appears whether you want to eat nettles isn’t up for discussion.

Let StagWeb Do It All For You

You can put in less effort for a much greater result. Simply let StagWeb do all the hard work for you. We’ll find you the best deals on accommodation, activities, nightlife, pranks games, we’ll even help you with your speech. Plus with our online payment system all the guys can join and pay individually, we’ll even send out invites, leaving you free to finish those Frazzles and become a World Cup winner.

Here’s how…

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