22 Best Esports Players in the World


These uber-talented individuals don’t just get paid for playing games (best job ever), they’re the very best of the best in the booming world of eSports with millions of fans around the world following every press of a button. We’ve tracked down the finest of the controller-wielding jedis as we showcase the 22 hottest eSports talents in the world today. Ready player one? Let’s do this.

Mark Bryceland – Call of Duty

We imagine Mark Bryceland has been responsible for more than a few broken controllers in his time as he’s so infuriatingly good at competitive Call of Duty that he’s already amassed 7 European titles. Having recently joined French eSports giants Millennium, the future looks bright for this Scotsman and now is the perfect time to start following his career.

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Official Bullock – FIFA

The creator of the ‘Bullock special’ and a FIFA Interactive World Cup Grand Finalist, Bullock is one of the most notorious FIFA eSports players on the scene today and remains a must-watch competitor whenever he picks up a controller. Seriously, the passing, the vision, the skills, Bullock has it all in spades and is responsible for one of the top 10 FIFA eSports moments to date as you’ll see below.


Mark Exton – Rocket League

A member of Rocket League aces Flipsid3 Tactics, Mark Exton or ‘MarkyDooda’ is a genius when it comes to the game played with RC car and giant exploding ball. There’s very little that Mark can’t do once you put a controller in his hands, performing awesome aerial moves and skills that us mortals can only dream of. Thankfully, MarkyDooda’s here to show us all how it’s done. #ThankYouMark.

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Rory Jackson – CS:GO

One of the greatest Counter Strike players in the world today, Rory ‘Dephh’ Jackson is a tactical whizz with the fast reactions and twitch skills of an actual military pro. In a game so frenetic and tense as CS:GO it’s truly impressive to find someone so cool in the battlefield and that’s what makes Jackson such essential viewing. Definitely one for your ‘must watch’ list on YouTube.

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James Bradbook – Halo

Starting out in his bedroom like most of us who’ve picked up a copy of Halo at some point, today James Bradbook will more often than not be found playing in packed arenas as a member of Team Infused, having recently broken into the top 6 for the first time in competitive Halo’s European history. And if you don’t know why that’s impressive then you need to follow this trigger-fingered maestro right now.

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Dave ‘Dqvee’ Davies – Call of Duty

Snapped up by Epsilon eSports at the age of 19, you might argue that Dave ‘Dqvee’ Davies is the Marcus Rashford of the eSports world. Young, hungry and eager to absolutely destroy your K/D ratio, Dqvee surely has a massive career ahead of him and has come a long way from his humble beginnings in Llanelli, Wales.

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Spencer Ealing – FIFA

A nickname like ‘Gorilla’ commands respect, not that Spencer Ealing needs it. He’s earned that by winning the FIFA Interactive World Cup, 6 Gfinity championships and even meeting Ronaldo, Neymar and Messi. As one of UNILAD eSports’ marquee signings, Ealing is a FIFA maestro with serious skills that most of us can only dream of. Just hope for the sake of your online record that you don’t run into him in a game of FUT Champions.


Dylan ‘Mad Cat’ Daly – Call of Duty

Playing Call of Duty professionally for Splyce, Dylan ‘Mad Cat’ Daly plays at the cutting edge of competitive COD with twitch skills and shooting accuracy that would make even John McClane run for cover (“Yippee-kay-aye mother…”). Daly plays with and against some of the very best competitors in the world on a weekly basis and is definitely worth keeping an eye on… If you can bear to watch such sweet, sweet destruction. You’ve just got to feel sorry for Daly’s opponents.

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August ‘Agge’ Rosenmeier – FIFA

One of the most famous FIFA eSports stars in the world, August Rosenmeier is a two-time world champion, a six-time Danish champion and a Red Bull sponsored athlete. One of the players responsible for legitimising FIFA as a competitive esport, Agge is a force to be reckoned with on the virtual pitch and his trophy cabinet makes Cristiano Ronaldo’s washbag look positively empty. 

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Tom ‘Tommey’ Trewren – Call of Duty

A teammate of Dylan Daly’s, Tom ‘Tommey’ Trewren is a formidable opponent to face across the virtual battlefield and is one of the hottest prospects in the Call of Duty World League. Trewren has thrilled arenas with his play and with the big leagues getting ready to kick off for a new season, now is the perfect time to lock, load and jump on the Tommey hype train.

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Joshua Bennett – Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of the Storm fans will be more than familiar with Joshua ‘Snitch’ Bennett but if you’re a total #noob to the hit MOBA then you need to take notice. Currently turning out for Team Dignitas, Bennett is a 4-time European champion, a one-time Western champion and an absolute machine once he gets into that clutch state of mind. This is eSports at its purest and it’s bloody brilliant.

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James Baker – Heroes of the Storm

Earning his reputation for excellence in the eSports world as the support player and captain for Team Dignitas, James ‘Bakery’ Baker has a huge list of accolades that includes reaching the world finals twice and winning the European championships no fewer than four times. If you’re planning on getting into Heroes of the Storm, then you should definitely check out how Baker pulls off his awesome plays.

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Rhys Price – Call of Duty

Playing his trade for the competitive COD elite at Red Reserve, Rhys Price is an absolute machine with two triggers at his fingers and for long-time fans of the military shooter is awesome eSports viewing. The moves, decisions and clutch play that Price can produce are the stuff of your late night, 15th game of Team Deathmatch in a row fantasies. Warning: Do NOT ‘1v1 on Rust’.

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Joe Pinnington – Call of Duty

A teammate of Rhys Price’s, Joe Pinnington is equally as talented as his British counterpart… Which also means he’s just as devastating. A key member of Red Reserve’s team roster for the upcoming Call of Duty World League season, he’s the ideal player to keep your eye on if you’re looking to perfect your COD: WWII game in time to butcher all those #ChristmasNoobs in late December.

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Craig Rathbone – Smite

One of the most decorated individuals to grace this list, Craig ‘iRaffer’ Rathbone is one of the UK’s highest earning and most successful eSports stars with 4 major titles to his name and the captaincy of NRG’s world-championship-winning Smite team. If you’re new to this epic MOBA then Rathbone is a great place to start or if you’ve been Smite-ing your enemies for years, then he’s a great player to watch and pick up some match winning tricks and tips.

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David Bytheway – FIFA

David Bytheway made headlines when Wolfsburg (yes, that Wolfsburg) signed him up to be the club’s official FIFA player. Nobody could say that Bytheway hadn’t earned it. He’s got a worldwide reputation as one of the best FIFA players on the planet and when you can score goals like the one we’ve featured below, it really isn’t that hard to see why. All the #tekkerz.

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Du Dang – Street Fighter

Aaaaah Street Fighter. Those were the good old days of gaming, after-school brawls, weekend fisticuffs in a virtual arena that defied the laws of physics in the name of fun. However, there are those like Du Dang that took this arcade fighter to competitive levels and Dang is one of the best there is. Playing for Team Liquid, Dang won the prestigious Capcom Cup in 2017 and continues to perfect his game. One to watch for sure.

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Ryan Pessoa – FIFA

In 2017, London’s Ryan Pessoa won the FIFA Interactive World Cup European Regional Championship and ended up making the finals (he’s just that good). Having joined the eSports arm of Hashtag United, it’s clear that the coming year could bring just as much success with teammates like Agge Rosenmeier to learn and develop with. Prepare to be amazed.

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Huke – Halo

To master Call of Duty is one thing, but to transition from one game to another professionally takes real skill and it seems that’s something Huke has in abundance. Now a competitive Halo player, Huke seems to be playing better than ever with Team EnVyUs with fast reactions and a level of focus that no amount of energy drink can buy you. He’s something truly special and deserving of his place among the world’s best eSports stars.


Mohamad Al-Bacha – FIFA

2016’s FIFA Interactive World Cup Champ Mohamad Al-Bacha is a devastating player who can easily go 30-40 games without losing a match. He’s got all the polish and finesse you’d expect of a competitor of his calibre and if you’re a betting man, we don’t think it’d be outrageous to stick a few on Al-Bacha reaching the later stages of this year’s FIWC competition.

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Thijs – Hearthstone

Playing Hearthstone competitively for G2 eSports (and doing very well for that matter) flying Dutchman Thijs is certainly one to watch for the PC gamers out there. Hearthstone has rapidly become of the world’s favourite eSports and Thijs’ Twitch channel is a fantastic introduction to both this card-collecting phenomenon (seriously, it should have an addiction warning) and the fantastic competitions around it.

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Shellzz – FIFA

Shellzz has joined Spencer ‘Gorilla’ Ealing at UNILAD eSports and is already winning competitive titles at the age of just 18. He could easily give any of the top competitive players in the world a run for their money and when you can launch the #ElTornado into the top corner and make it look this easy, you’ve got skills that are bound to take you the distance. Keep your eyes peeled.

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