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Just Like Vegas… Johnny Vegas – Stag Party Guide to Benidorm

stag party guide to benidorm

jamieStagWeb’s J.P. heads to Benidorm to put it all on the line in the name of stag research. What a guy!

It was a sad day for J.P. when he was told to grab his passport and flame-proof speedos (here at StagWeb we like to be prepared for any eventualities) and get to Benidorm. It’s fair to say there were a few sad faces. Mostly because it was his turn to make tea and he cleared off without so much as an offering a plate of Hobnobs.

Intent on out ‘Vegasing’ Johnny Vegas, here’s J.P.’s account of what happens when you get to party in Benidorm/do hard, analytical, stag do research.

J.P.’s Stag Party Guide to Benidorm

Best bar for stag laughs?

Stardust – Some pubs evolve over centuries, some bars are all shiny and designer and some are just brilliantly random. Stardust is one of those bars that just is. Is friendly. Is packed. Is awesome. One minute you’re on the dancefloor partying to cheesy classics, the next everyone clears the floor to make way for a strip show. Bonkers as only Benidorm can be.

Website | Calle Gerona, 03503 Benidorm

beersBest sports bar?

Red Lion Pub – As the name suggests, this is a true, Eastenders watching, Queen Liz loving English pub. Although it does have a couple of stag twists like the bucking bronco and dancefloor. There’s also adult themed game shows and big screen sports. And they serve beer… In buckets!

Website | Calle Gerona, 34, 03503 Benidorm,

Best local poison?

Beer – This is Benidorm, you won’t find hipsters in sandals, brewing their own beer. And that’s fine by me. I like my beer cheap and cold and Benidorm has some amazing drinks deals with beers for as little as €1.50.

Bar Tips

Get a beer bucket. You get a decent number of
drinks and you can keep them cool.

Best nightlife?

Hit the street called Calle Gerona, it’s packed with great bars and a nice friendly vibe. It was easy getting around with a couple of our local pub crawl guides showing me the sights. You’ll find loads of people just employed to entice you into the bars. Play nice with these guys and you’ll find all kinds of good deals.

Best local food?

Penny Farthing – Benidorm isn’t packed with Spanish cuisine. It mostly caters to tourist tastes and one of my favourite spots has to be the Penny Farthing. All day breakfast for €4.50, what’s not to love? They have a great menu of stag-sized favourites that will go down with everyone. Great friendly team as well.

Website | Calle Derramador, 03503 Benidorm

StagWeb Meal Deal

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Best local dish?

If you really want to try local flavours, head to Amigos Restaurant. A touch of class and some of the best food I’ve found in Benidorm. Not your ‘beer and burger’ crowd. This is a place for people who like food and are prepared to pay for quality.

Website | 14 Calle de la Palma, Old Town Benidorm

burgerBest ‘man grub’?

Grill House – ‘Man-sized’ grub. Steaks, thick cut chips, big smoky flavours with great sauces and chilli kicks. I definitely recommend the burgers, which are a thing of beauty and perfect start to any big night out.

Website | Avenida del Mediterráneo, 33 03501 Benidorm

Best way to get about the city?

Walk it. Your feet really are the best way to get around Benidorm. The nights are warm, the streets are packed with fellow party people. When booking just make sure you get accommodation in the town centre and not stuck away from all the fun (all StagWeb’s accommodation is right where the party’s at).

Best money saving tips?

Hit the happy hours. So many bars, so many hours of happiness. If you’re smart you can hit several happy hours in one day which makes partying even cheaper. But don’t do a full ‘happy day’, it’s a long weekend so remember to pace yourselves.

Best Activities?

go kartingBeachside Party – Life’s a beach and then you party on one. And Benidorm has great beaches to lark about. This great activity includes a beachside bar and some sports and games on the beach. If you’re heading all the way to Benidorm then you’ll want to make the most of the sandy bit and work on those wedding tans.

Go Karting – Simply one of the coolest in a totally awesome setting. With a top speed of 55mph the 1km track is 10 metres wide allowing for over taking… And boy was I over taken. A lot. In my defence, I was suffering from the kind of hangover that makes you want to remove your eyeballs with a spoon just to ease the pain. But still an awesome track. Read more…

Best Benidorm advice?

If I was going to give you one tip it would be to stay clear of The Square. Some of the best-known clubs are here but they’re not worth the aggro. The atmosphere is definitely different in the Square, but not for the better. If you want laughs give it a miss, there’s plenty of fun to be had elsewhere. 

Anything to declare?

It’s really easy to eat too much, drink too much and party too hard… There should be a downside to this sentence but there isn’t! Benidorm is brilliantly bonkers, a place that loves to party and everyone is invited. If you can get a day off work on the Monday I’d recommend it, you might need the extra recovery time.


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