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Ljubbly Bubbly – Stag Party Guide to Ljubljana

ljubljana stag party guide

StagWeb’s Josh went to Ljubljana and all we got was this lousy blog.

Sometimes at StagWeb we like ‘Taking the Josh’. Sometimes we like sending him, this time it was to Ljubljana with instructions to come back with the best Slovenian stag challenges or not come back at all.

His mission was to sample the best local food, drink the strongest drinks and find the craziest stag activities, and being a true stag party Jedi, he went at it like a Man United fan rushes for the last train back to London.

Best Bar for Laughs – Cutty Sark Pub

cutty sarkYeah, I know, normally I’d steer clear of any overseas bar claiming to be an ‘English pub’ but the Cutty Sark is superb. It doesn’t feel like a plastic Queen Vic. In fact, the place has a brilliant Slovenian feel mixed with a nod to English pub culture. A good selection of local drinks, great music and from Wednesday to Saturday different themed nights (live music, stand-up comedy, 80’s & 90’s). There’s also an outdoor terrace and friendly local crowd. If you’re stagging it, make this the first stop on the night out.

Cutty Sark Pub – Knafljev prehod 1, 1000 Ljubljana

Best Local Poison – Zganje

Zganje is a type of fruit brandy that removes the top layer of skin from your tongue and leaves you dribbling in an alleyway, telling your long-lost French teacher (Miss Cobilac) that you love her and don’t care about the age gap. Or maybe that’s just me? If I’m honest, this tastes even worse than it sounds but it definitely does the job. Approach with extreme caution. If you want to play it safe there are some really good local beers to be had. Zlatorog is the best of a fine bunch, even if it does sound like a Dr Who villain.

Best Local Bar – Centralna Postaja

postajaIf you really want to ‘go native’ then this is the place to do it. The bar has a really cool hipster vibe, and seeing as I’ve gone to the trouble of growing a beard I reckoned I should join ‘my people’. Turns out all the people here are local and make this a really cool place to be. The bar staff are happy to point you in the right direction to the local brews, there’s also live entertainment. Weirdest of all, this bar actually has its own radio station. Yeah, it definitely leaves “The Kings Head” in the shade, take that British pubs!

Centralna Postaja – Trubarjeva cesta 23, 1000 Ljubljana,

Bar Tips – Be Nice

Ok, you’re good guys so ‘being nice’ is a given but go the extra mile for international relations. Slovenian people are really friendly, you’ll have the best night if you get chatting to the locals and ask for tips and venues for your night out. If you’re really brave, you’ll let them order the drinks as well. As long as it isn’t zganje.

Best Nightlife – Cirkus

cirkusThis isn’t just the best club in Ljubljana, this is the best club in Slovenia and attracts famous faces (if you’re big into Slovenian TV) as well as tourists and locals. There’s funky live performers and a great mix of music, drinks prices are a fraction of what you’d pay in a club back home. I did the VIP thing (available to our stag groups, just ask our team) so enjoyed table service with my friendly local guides. It was at this point we started on the zganje and the rest of the night became a blur. I do remember top tunes, a slick DJ and then for some strange reason I started doing the robot. And that’s why I shouldn’t be allowed to leave the country! 

Centralna Postaja – Trg mladinskih delovnih brigad 7, Ljubljana, Slovenia 1000

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Best Man Food – Burek Olimpija

If you want to eat like the locals then head to Burek, it’s the equivalent of your favourite late night take away back home. But this is full of local flavours. Being English, rather than attempt to learn the local language I pointed at things on the menu and talked louder. And it was fantastic, essentially meat and bread based like all good take away food, it’s pleasingly different and the perfect stop gap for a night of Slovenian beer.

Burek Olimpija – Slovenska cesta 58

Best Activity – Adrenalin Day

The Adrenalin Day is a whole heap of stag madness packed into one day. It’s non-stop laughs and stag sized challenges mixed with some really crazy ideas you won’t have seen back home, like the big fat tyres of the downhill bike (no pedals, just fat tyres!). But if you think that’s nuts, wait until you try the Mountain Go Kart! Learn more about the Adrenalin Day…

Best Way to Get About the City

Ljubljana is not the biggest capital city in the world which makes it really easy to get about. All StagWeb’s accommodation is in the city centre so I didn’t see the inside of the taxi and found everything I needed on foot. When it came to stag activities all the big ones had transport options.

Best Ljubljana Advice

Book it! How many people do you know that have been to Ljubljana? No, me too. It really is one of the friendliest cities I’ve ever visited and being a little bit off the tourist map it’s perfect for a Ljubljana stag weekend. You’ll have all the laughs with none of the hassle of some other European destinations and the locals are just brilliant.

Anything to Declare

Beware of the zganje. I can’t warn you enough, anything that happens from here on is your own doing. Nuff said.

Head over to StagWeb to start planning your Ljubljana stag do today!

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