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32 Best British Beers for the World Cup

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“It’s coming home…”

Pints that dance like Messi across your tongue, perform a tasty one-two with your tonsils before hitting the back of the net with a smooth, refreshing finish…

Yes, the football is important but it all means nothing if you’re watching it with a bad beer in your hand. Check out the 32 Best British for the World Cup and make this a tournament to remember for all the right reasons.

Support your local team! Find your nearest brewmaster (“It’s coming home, its coming home, footballs coming home…”) then take your favourite beer home with you.

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Easy Peeler – Fourpure Brewing Company

Fourpure Brewing Company’s Easy Peeleris a fantastically refreshing IPA that you can keep sipping throughout the World Cup’s longer days of action and at a breezy 4% ABV it won’t take too much out of you either. It’s a slightly boozier version of football’s classic orange halftime snack and exactly the kind of brilliance you’d expect from the innovative folks at Fourpure.

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© Fourpure Brewing Company

Effra Ale – Brixton Brewery

The Brixton Brewery is one of London’s foremost teams of beer creatives and they’ve knocked it out of the park yet again with their delightful Effra Ale. An Amber brew that rests at a liver-friendly 4.5% ABV, each sip gives you an extra appreciation for just how balanced this is, combining malts and hops in ways Gareth Southgate will be hoping the Three Lions can replicate in Russia.

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© Brixton Brewery

Cowcatcher – East London Brewing Company

Milk this summer for everything it’s worth with the Cowcatcher American Pale Ale from the East London Brewing Company. With floral notes to the nose and a citrus burst that comes with each delicious mouthful, this is a pint that’s been lovingly crafted to make your beer filled summer afternoons stretch out like a cat on a window seat. This former industrial chemist has turned master brewer which is for more deserving of a science award in our opinion.

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© East London Brewing Company

Yakima Red – Meantime Brewing Company

Where has ‘safe’ ever gotten you? On the sofa on a Friday night, eating Domino’s and drinking [insert generic beer here] while watching Love Island on ITV2. Alone. No, you need change, you need excitement, you need Yakima Red from the witty gentlemen at Meantime Brewing Company. This tantalising brew combines British and German malts with 5 varieties of US hops to create the perfect mix of balance and bombast.

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© Meantime Brewing Company

XPA – The Five Points Brewing Co.

XPA is beer that’s just a little bit ‘extra’. And by ‘extra’ we don’t mean that annoying pal who turns up in a loud Hawaiian shirt, overly expensive sunglasses and starts banging on about his smashing sales targets because he’s “extra!”. We mean the of ‘extra’ where ‘extra’ means more quality. More taste, more hops and more tropical flavour than a Pina Colada sitting beside a Jamaican swimming pool. It’s all made possible by the amazing team at The Five Points Brewing Co. and it’s a pint that definitely requires your attention this summer.

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© The Five Points Brewing Co.
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