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32 Best British Beers for the World Cup

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My Button Works – Black Lodge Brewery

Liverpool’s Black Lodge Brewery don’t conform to beer trends, they set them. Fantastically inventive and always on the cutting edge of the brewing industry, the expert team behind Black Lodge have come up trumps with My Button Works, an orange German gose that combines salty and sour flavours in one pint that packs a Jurgen-Klopp-goal-celebration’s worth of citric punch for those hot World Cup afternoons in the sun. A must-experience beer if we’ve ever seen one.

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© Black Lodge Brewery

Pzyk Diablo – The Liverpool Craft Beer Co.

When a beer is created for ‘Liverpool’s International Festival of Psychedelia’ you need to ask two questions: Where is it and can I have more please? The Liverpool Craft Beer Co. are never afraid to flex their creative muscle in pursuit of the perfect pint and if that means adding Chilean Yerba Maté Tea to their brews then that’s what they’re gonna’ do. Add in some herbal notes and you’ve got a beer that’ll skip the foreplay and take you straight to your happy place.


© The Liverpool Craft Beer Co.

DDH Pale Citra Chinook – Cloudwater Brew Co.

Cloudwater Brew Co’s seasonal approach to brewing means that whether it’s raining buckets or it’s factor 50 sunshine out there, you should always have the perfect boozy beverage to accompany you. Take the excellent DDH Pale Citra Chinook for example, a malty base that catapults citra, chinook and mosaic hops into your taste buds like Trippier launches a free kick into the top corner. A proper thinking man’s beer from a brewery that was voted the 2nd best on the planet by those in the know.

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© Cloudwater Brew Co.

Summer Saison – The Runaway Brewery

While Gareth Southgate has been busy reinventing England’s footballing identity, The Runaway Brewery have been changing perceptions of British beer from their mad-scientist microbrewery in the heart of Manchester. For Runaway, the joy of brewing doesn’t come from the beer itself, but the hard work that goes into each of their brews and you can really taste it in the Summer Saison, a handmade Belgian ale that teases the palate with a spicy finish.

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© The Runaway Brewery

Virtuous – Kirkstall Brewery Co.

If you like a pint with a story behind it, then you’ve come to the right place. Kirkstall Brewery Co.’s brewing traditions are a throwback to the techniques used by Cistercian monks in the area way back in the 12th century. Except they’ve added some modern twists to bring their brews alive and kicking into the present day. Take the Virtuous Session IPA for example, a delightfully refreshing beer using simcoe hops that would’ve been worshipped whichever century it was drunk in.

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© Kirkstall Brewery Co.

Five Rivers – The Sheffield Brewery Company

Working from their base in an original Victorian factory in one of Sheffield’s trendiest areas, The Sheffield Brewery Company create beer worth adding to your weekend Instagram stories. Inspired by local history, each brew is carefully crafted with its own unique taste. It was a hard choice, but we went with Five Rivers as our highlighted creation, with a combination of Fuggles, Williamette and Styrian Bobek hops, this is easy drinking that’ll have you returning to the bar again and again.

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© The Sheffield Brewery Company
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