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32 Best British Beers for the World Cup

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Paolozzi Lager – Edinburgh Beer Factory

The Paolozzi Lager does the simple things right. It’s a no-fuss, no-hassle drink that should become your go-to brew for this summer of football. The geniuses at the Edinburgh Beer Factory had the good sense to add an extra 5-6 week ‘cold conditioning’ period after the lager has fermented to give Paolozzi it’s Munich-esque, bitter-sweet fresh flavour. It’s a world champion beer that has twice won the World Beer Award for ‘Best Helles Style Lager’.

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© Edinburgh Beer Factory

First World Problems – Stewart Brewing

“FFS, my broadband keeps cutting out on this essential group stageclash between Morocco and Iran!” … Yep, some first world problems aren’t worth having. What is worth having is this delicious beer from the fine folk at Stewart Brewing. At a respectable 6.2% ABV this Belgian-style IPA is no joke, but you’ll quickly fall in love with the fruity taste and the big hop aroma. Plus, it’s more balanced than a Ronaldo overhead kick.

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© Stewart Brewing

Munich Red – West Beer

While there’ll be a few of Munich’s finest sons in Russia this summer (if Robert Lewandowski doesn’t bag a hat trick against Japan then we’ll eat our lederhosen) you can invite the big tastes of Bavaria into your World Cup viewing party with this brilliant number from West Beer. The first thing you’ll notice is that deep, ruby red colour, then the smooth biscuit flavour, then a creamy finish that even the most efficient strikers in die mannschaft would be proud of.

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© West Beer

Disco Forklift Truck – Drygate Brewery

The World Cup always brings with it a few moments of madness for us to look on at in awe/horror (here’s to you Luis Suarez) but the craziness needn’t be limited to the TV screen this summer thanks to the delicious and decidedly different Disco Forklift Truck mango ale from the brewing geniuses at Drygate Brewery. At 5.1% ABV this is exceptionally pleasant drinking that effortlessly bounces between the bitterness of its undertones with the sweetness of its malts. It’s exactly the kind of innovation you’d expect from one of the UK’s best breweries.

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© Drygate Brewery

Red Top – Old Dairy Brewery

Old Dairy Brewery create the most English of beers for you to cheer on England with or at least drown your sorrows in if we go all ‘Brazil 2014’ on this bad boy and decide to gracefully bow out early doors. But hey, at least you’ll have this delicious beer to fall back on. The ‘Red Top’ is a classic English ale with coffee, toffee and slightly-spicy flavours that even the critics at CAMRA couldn’t ignore, giving Old Dairy a Gold Award in the bitter category.

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© Old Dairy Brewery
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