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32 Best British Beers for the World Cup

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South East

Spitfire – Shepherd Neame

We can think of few British beers as iconic as Spitfire. This fantastic ale produced by the brewing legends at Shepherd Neame has been pleasing pint-glass-wielding England fans in pubs for decades and there might be no better drink to sip nervously as the Three Lions awkwardly mumble their way through ‘God Save the Queen’ ahead of a big game. This is top quality drinking for the world’s biggest stage and an easy choice for our top 32.

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© Shepherd Neame

Sleeping Giant – Long Man Brewery

A Sleeping Giant no longer, this marvellously boozy creation from the team at Long Man Brewery is now travelling the nation, bringing its unique brand of hoppy shock and awe into pint glasses and leaving its drinkers astonished at what they’ve found. A refreshing pale ale that doesn’t rely on citrus flavours to bring the crisp taste? It’s a summertime miracle. Find this. Order this. Drink this. You owe it to yourself.

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© Long Man Brewery

Hooky – Hook Norton Brewery

Hook Norton Brewery have won more awards for ‘Hooky’, their signature amber bitter than Lionel Messi has Ballon D’ors (5 for all you stat nerds out there). But we think even the Argentine assassin himself would stop dribbling and applaud if he got a taste of this superb brew, a teasing mix of bitters, malts and hops that combine to create a beer that you’ll end up hoping you never finish.

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© Hook Norton Brewery

Benchmark – Bedlam Brewery

You, sir, are a seasoned beer drinker. You don’t need us to tell you what makes quality beer. You only need pointing in the right direction. You need to be shown the Benchmark in brewing and the beer wizards at Bedlam have created it for you. A 4.0% ABV brew that takes all the best hops, malts and yeasts in Britain and mixes them together for a fruity taste with a malt and chocolate twist. Aaaah yes, now that’s going to hit the spot.

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© Bedlam Brewery
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