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32 Best British Beers for the World Cup

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South West

Forgotten Glory – Moor Beer Brewery

Could you possibly think of a more appropriate beer to sip while watching England try (and quite possibly fail) to get their hands on the gleaming Jules Rimet trophy this summer? Forgotten Glory is one of Moor Beer Brewery’s finest accomplishments, a 5.0% ABV pale ale that harkens back to the pale ales of old while adding some modern twists that’ll hold your taste bud’s attention and invite you back in for pint no.2 to get another taste of those sweet cascade hops.

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© Moor Beer Brewery

Superweizen! – Beerd Brewery

Penalties schmenalties! Germany might think they’re better than us at many things but the good guys at Beerd haven taken a German classic and produced a superior English version. So, how do you like that Lothar Matthaus! This stunning brew is an unfiltered hefeweizen modelled after traditional German wheat beer, with a few of Beerd Brewery’s own genius additions. But whatever you do, don’t mention the…

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© Beerd Brewery

Old Dick Alone Kolsch – New Bristol Brewery

Unafraid to go their own way and break conventions on their way to creating the kind of beer you’ll scramble to find in every pub you drink in hereafter, the New Bristol Brewery are supremely talented masters of all things hoppy, grainy and boozy. The Old Dick Alone Kolsch is the perfect example of their creative attitude, taking the traditional German Kolsch recipe and making it their own.

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© New Bristol Brewery

Sulis Lager – Bath Ales

Our own office is just a hop, skip and a pint from where Bath Ales are based in Bath and yes, we’re unashamedly championing Bath Ales. We believe these brewing maestros have created some of Britain’s most refined beers in their time and with the revelation that they’ve now created their own ‘Sulis’ lager, expect to find us at the front of the queue, pint-hand locked and ready to experience what promises to be a deeply refreshing, lemony beer with the potential to take over your summer. Although now we come to think of it they’ve never bought us a pint…

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© Bath Ales
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