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32 Best British Beers for the World Cup

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Summer Rocks – Bluestone Brewing Company

Those cold winter nights seem like a long time ago now, don’t they? It’s summer, summer, summertime, land of hosepipe bans, cornetto’s and sun-soaked weekend afternoons in the park. There’s just one thing missing and that’s Summer Rocks, a b-e-a-utiful session IPA from the seasoned experts at Bluestone Brewing Co. At 4.5% ABV this is easy going, refreshing drinking that manages to pack in piney, citrus and lemon flavours into one 500ml bottle. Great, now we’re thirsty.

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© Bluestone Brewing Company

Bavarian Wheat – Pipes Beer

While Joachim Löw’s boys will be bringing the strong flavours of German football to our screens this summer it’ll be Pipes Beer bringing Deutschland’s finest to your pint glass. Bavarian Wheat is a worthy homage to the traditional South German wheat beer with some slight twists to improve on the original. Plus, at just 5.3% (fairly light for a German brew) it’s a gentle ride to beer perfection that doesn’t sacrifice any of the authentic character. Sehr gut.

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© Pipes Beer

Safe as Milk – Crafty Devil Brewing Co.

Make this summer the one you join the craft beer revolution led by the Crafty Devil Brewing Co. These beer aficionados want their brilliant ales to be the first to be #cannedincardiff so do your bit and either give some of your spare change to their crowdfunding or invest in your own happiness by sampling the delicious Safe as Milk. A coffee milk stout that isn’t for the faint of heart (or weak of taste buds) this is a hearty brew that can serve as the perfect 4pm pick-me-up during the World Cup’s hectic group stages.

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© Crafty Devil Brewing Co.
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