50 Awesome Pizza Places In The UK

50 awesome pizza places in the uk
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North West


Pizza might be a tear and (sometimes) share orgy of taste but that doesn’t mean you can’t feel classy while you devour it. That’s why Peacock offer a seriously cool central Liverpool location and wide variety of signature mixed drinks to enhance your pizza eating experience. After all, why shouldn’t you be able to wash down a slice or five with 45% German gin?

Where is it? 51 Seel Street, Liverpool, L1 4AZ

Their best slice? Los Pollos Hermanos – Gus Fring’s spicy southern fried chicken, blue meth cheese and hot Albuquerque sauce.

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Nightcrawler Pizza

Looking to save your dough and enjoy a slice? Look no further than Nightcrawler Pizza, a funky 80’s inspired bar where you can enjoy freshly cooked pizza by the slice and a craft beer for less than a tenner. Not enough? How about lightening quick service that’ll have you fed and watered in under an hour. What’s more the slices are huge, like… quarter of a pizza huge.

Where is it? 38 Slater Street, Liverpool, L1 4BX

Their best slice? Pineapple Express – Pulled ham hock & pineapple.


nightcrawler pizza

Rudy’s Neapolitan Pizza

You’re a man of culture, we get it. You want a slice of history with your slice of cheese and meat. Head over to Ancoats, Manchester’s Little Italy, where the Rudy’s Pizza team will school you on the traditions and artistry behind Neapolitan pizza. Hidden in the inner-city suburb, the restaurant is chilled out and lets you watch as the staff hand stretch the dough. Who says gorging on pizza can’t be educational?

Where is it? 9 Cotton Street, Manchester, M4 5BF

Their best slice? Ancozzere – Chilli flakes, smoked mozzarella, Tuscan sausage and wild broccoli.

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Double Zero Neapolitan Pizza

Pay attention 007, we’re sending you to the outskirts of Manchester to dine out on some seriously authentic (and gosh darn delicious) pizza. There’s not much these guys can’t flash cook onto a fluffy base. There’s a selection of classics, a create your own option and a series of Double Zero Pizzas to test your appetite. They also have BYOB policy so feel free to bring your own Vodka Martini.

Where is it? 368 Barlow Moor Road, Manchester, M21 8AZ

Their best slice? Siciliana – Sausages, peppers and balsamic vinegar (seriously do you need anything else?).

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double zero neapolitan pizza

American Pizza Slice

Not all pizzas are created equal and American Pizza Slice brings you a truly authentic slice of New York pizza without the hassle or the plane fare. They offer a selection of 18” classics that are best enjoyed in their uber cool central Liverpool pizza bar where you can also enjoy chill live music and a beer or two… or three.

Where is it? 122 Bold Street, Liverpool, L1 4JA

Their best slice? 18 inches of brie and bacon is hard to turn down.


american pizza slice

Dough Pizza Kitchen

Urban cool in the middle of Manchester’s creative district, oh, and you can gorge on pizza while you’re there. These uber rustic pizzas come piled high with… well… whatever you want. We’re not kidding. Ever wanted spinach, olives and an egg on the same crust? Well wait no more! If you come over all cautious then there’s also a range of more… traditional pizzas.

Where is it? 75 – 77 High Street, Manchester, M4 1FS

Their best slice? Chicken & Avocado – Because sometimes hipsters are right.

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dough pizza kitchen

Santa Maluco

All you can eat pizza! Repeat, all you can eat pizza! THIS IS NOT A DRILL. Yes Santa Maluco embraces the Brazilian Rodizio style of service which dictates the staff keep bringing you slices of pizza until you tell them you’re full. We’ll just let that sink in. Ready for more? Okay so they offer every topping under the sun, from charred aubergine all the way to minced lamb in sriracha sauce.

Where is it? 2 Castle Street, Liverpool, L2 0NA

Their best slice? Return of the Mac – Beef mince, white onion, pickles, lettuce and their big mac sauce.


santa maluco


It takes a man of a certain calibre not to dismiss a 100% vegan pizza restaurant, we get that, but Faringo’s grabs vegan pizza by the toppings and runs with it. This isn’t to say it’s all vegetables, far from it, Faringo’s caters to all with a series of mouth-watering meat substitutes culminating in their Extra Spicy Faux Meat Feast.

Where is it? 553 New South Promenade, Blackpool, FY4 1NF

Their best slice? The Caribbean Faux Chicken



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