50 Awesome Pizza Places In The UK

50 awesome pizza places in the uk
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South West

Juno Bar & Kitchen

Juno embraces skating culture and is just as chilled as you’d expect because of it. The walls are lined with upcycled boards, the pizzas have a delicious thick base and they even take music requests via their website. What else do you need? Oh go on then, there’s also an ever changing range of great beers and ciders to keep you properly hydrated.

Where is it? 4 Philip Street, Bath, BA1 1AU

Their best slice? The Juno BBQ Chicken, drizzled in Juno’s own BBQ sauce.

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juno bar and kitchen

The White Rabbit

Follow the White Rabbit, enjoy an award-winning pizza and a shot of absinthe, and all without having to take a red or blue pill. While you’re tumbling into a world of flavour there’s also a ping pong table and roof terrace to enhance your eating experience. Still not enough? Well about live music nights to top it all off?

Where is it? 33 Gordon Road, Bristol, BS8 1AW

Their best slice? The Garden of Vegan – Sundried tomatoes, Vegan cheese, fresh tomatoes, courgette, roasted peppers and rocket.


the white rabbit

The Pizza Café

Fancy a relaxed slice or two where the pizzas are as good as the atmosphere is chilled? The Pizza Café is the place for you. As if a whole menu dedicated to just signature movie themed pizzas wasn’t enough, all the pizzas are made fresh to order so you can build your own or just add double pepperoni to the veggie special.

Where is it? 50 Queen Street, Newton Abbot, TQ12 2EW

Their best slice? Porkys – Onion and pineapple chutney, slow roasted pork, crispy bacon, chorizo and fire roasted peppers.

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the pizza cafe

Wet Dog Pizza

Sometimes you want to enjoy a cheeky slice with man’s best friend and the Wet Dog Pizza place allows your four-legged buddy to join in the fun. They’ll even make your pooch a special doggie pizza and stock a selection of doggie beers he can wash it all down with. On a serious note, 10% off all dog pizza sales go to the local animal home so now you can save lives and enjoy a slice.

Where is it? 80 Fore Street, Cornwall, TR7 1EY

Their best slice? The Cluck Me – Spinach, crumbled blue cheese and shredded buffalo chicken.


wet dog pizza co

Planet Pizza

If you enjoy out of this world pizza (and really who doesn’t?) or are just a sucker for space puns (guilty as charged) then Planet Pizza should be the next pizza place you visit. There’s a pizza for every celestial body with the option to make your dish vegan or gluten free depending on your taste. Just know that there’s no discount for not giggling if someone orders the Uranus.

Where is it? 187 Gloucester Road, Bristol, BS7 8BG

Their best slice? The Jupiter – Chorizo, mozzarella, pan fried mushrooms and basil leaves.

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planet pizza

The Oven

Slow raised dough, cracking city views and a buzzing atmosphere, the Oven has everything you need for a top quality night out. There’s a huge selection of pizzas, calzones and authentic Italian sides, all to be enjoyed while looking out over Bath’s Saw Close, the hub of the city’s night life.

Where is it? 3-4 Saw Close, Bath, BA1 1EY.

Their best slice? Chicken, avocado, red onion and jalapenos.

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the oven

Bournemouth Pizza Co.

Sometimes you just want a decent slice on a budget and that’s exactly what the Bournemouth Pizza Co. are all about. As if delicious slices weren’t enough, trust us they’re amazing and totally grease free, there are daily deals to make sure you and the boys get as much dough for your dough as possible.

Where is it? 44 St Swithun’s Street, Bournemouth, BH1 3RJ

Their best slice? The Gamberetti – Tomato, chicken, mozzarella, prawns, courgette and cherry tomatoes.

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bournemouth pizza co

Fire and Brew

Created by a restaurateur, a brewery owner and a cider maker, Fire and Brew already sounds like the perfect playground for gentlemen looking for an evening of pizza filled fun. If you happen to be from Bath, or just visiting, the pizzas are named after various landmarks from around the city meaning you can enjoy an Oldfield Pizza along with the Great Pulteney Salad. There’s also a huge array of craft beers and ciders for you to sample.

Where is it? 49 Moorland Road, Bath, BA2 3PJ

Their best slice? The Shakespeare – Tomato base, nduja sausage, peppers, mushrooms and mozzarella.

fire and brew

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