35 Manly Blogs For Men

35 manly blogs for men
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Football Transfer Tavern

We’ve all been there. Your team brings on some unknown deadline day signing who you’ve never heard of. He proceeds to bang in three and you look like the numpty for not putting him in your fantasy football team. This would never have happened if only you’d checked in with Football Transfer Tavern who follow the transfer rumour mill all year round!

Best Article: West Ham should seek to land Ander Herrera to give Jack Wilshere something else to think about

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football transfer tavern

The Republik of Mancunia

Yes it’s a Man United fan site but get over it. This is insightful football writing at its best, looking at the why’s and how’s behind Manchester United football club. How is Alexis Sanchez like a second coat of gold paint for United? Why does Man U’s team identity now represent black fan’s more than ever before? Find out inside, just prepare to lose a few hours along the way.

Best Article: Blackchester United is here

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the republik of mancunia


We all wish that we could really understand American football. GRIDIRON offers weekly match reviews as well as their patented Studs & Duds articles that will give you something to store in the locker for when the ol’ pig skin tossing crops up in conversation.

Best Article: GRIDIRON cheat sheet – Week 6

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Basketball Immersion

Whether you fully understand it or not, basketball is a really exciting sport. In this blog, founder Chris Oliver breaks down the coaching side of the game and offers insights into how to play the sport and coach others. Through a mix of fascinating long reads and shorter reaction pieces, Oliver does a deep dive on what makes the gamer tick.

Best Article: The Star Dribble – Basketball First Step

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The Fight City

If you’re a fan of boxing, The Fight City is your one stop shop for all things violent. Hell, even if you’re not a fan you will be after reading a few articles. As well as news on what’s happening now in the boxing world there are also longer reads about famous fights and moments in the sport written by hardcore boxing fans.

Best Article: The Fight Game Has Changed

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the fight city

The Rugby Blog

Rants, bants and solid discussion. Everything you could ever want from a rugby blog. The Rugby Blog covers English rugby both club and country as well as predictions for upcoming games that’ll have you looking like a much more useful Nostradamus in no time!

Best Article: Are International Players Being Pushed To Their Limits?

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the rugby blog

Combat Corner

Tired of McGregor’s nonsense? Weary of Aaron Chalmers? Combat Corner give a mouthpiece less well-known MMA organisations as well as tutorials for anyone looking to get fit or to improve their own training. Very few of the blogs have the potential to turn you into a bonafide badass but this is one of them.

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combat corner

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