35 Manly Blogs For Men

35 manly blogs for men
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Don’t Go Bacon My Heart

Come for the pun stay for the awesome content and man-tastic recipes. DGBMH is dedicated to the cooking and appreciation of comfort food while also living a fit and healthy life. Become a culinary wizard by reading their tasty recipes and making your own pesto while also learning the secret behind the perfect poached egg. The dream!

Best Article: Spicy Bacon Mac & Cheese

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dont go bacon my heart

The Hungry Black Man

On the face of it THBM is just another food blog but read it and you’ll see that blogger Starex Smith uses food to comment on the Black experience through food and travel. His blog has recipes a plenty as well as thought provoking longer reads on black American culture centred around food and restaurants.

Best Article: Stop Talking S@#% About Black Restaurants

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the hungry black man

The Chopping Block

Sometimes you just need some red meat and The Chopping Block knows it! One for the diehard carnivores, this blog covers it all. Knife skills you’ll need to properly prepare each cut of meat, tips on how to BBQ in Autumn, you get the idea. There are also articles on desserts and wines that are coming into season and will take your meat to the next level (no sniggering at the back!).

Best Article: A Chef’s Moving Checklist

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the chopping block

James vs Burger

James is on a mission to find the greatest burger in his native Scotland and the world! Visit his nifty blog and find reviews about burgers the world over as well as a burgeoning list of the world’s greatest steaks. James is clearly VERY into burgers and that shows. If (for some reason) you weren’t excited about burgers before, you will be after visiting James vs Burger.

Best Article: The Best Veggie Burger I’ve Ever Eaten

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james vs burger


Did you know pizza was such a broad church? Pizzacraft is here to open your eyes to a whole new world. As well as recipes for alternative pizzas like nacho pizza and Greek yogurt pizza dough you’ll find an awesome mail order service to buy various pizza related products. Did you know there’s such a thing as a stove top pizza oven? Well you do now!



The Sexy Vegan

It’s 2018, vegans are not only sexy but they also walk among us. Brian Patton, founder of The Sexy Vegan, is here to show you that vegan food isn’t to be treated with suspicion and that even the most delicious comfort can be made vegan friendly. Because deep down vegans are people too.

Best Article: Low-fat buffalo wing sauce

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the sexy vegan

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