35 Manly Blogs For Men

35 manly blogs for men
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Nerd Fitness

How can I get ripped like Captain America without stealing a serum from the Nazis? Nerd Fitness has the answers. Aiming to help you level up your fitness they’ve got a ton of free articles for people at all stages of their fitness journey. If you’re feeling like a Blob and want to feel a bit more Super(man), this is the blog for you.

Best Article: The beginner’s guide to the Keto diet

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nerd fitness

Talking About Men’s Health

Men’s health and fitness takes many forms and this awesome blog focuses on keeping your mental health in line through a series of reader questions and extended reads. If you’ve just had or are considering making some little people then there are also loads of articles about the challenges of raising children.

Best Article: The Urgency of Fighting for Our Boys’ Brains

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talking about mens health

The Everyday Man

There’s a lot of big no no’s around posing at the gym but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to look good! The Everyday Man blogs about fitness AND the fitness lifestyle so you’re just as likely to get an article about keeping your workouts going through winter (Hint: Run even if it’s cold) as you are to hear about Mbappe’s new trainers.

Best Article: Swapping four wheels for two

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the everyday man

Ben Greenfield Fitness

Tired of the same old workout? Wish you knew how to bio-hack your body to excellence? Ben Greenfield is your man. Through a mix of dietary advice (no bread, more nuts) and mad science (injecting his penis with stem cells to see if he stays hard longer) Ben takes you on a journey through human health. Plus he’s absolutely jacked and lives in the woods so you know it works!

Best Article: Biohacking your manhood – The proven habits, Foods, Exercises, Workouts, Nutrients & Tools That Boost Testosterone & Drive. (Because would we recommend anything else?)

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ben greenfield fitness

Muscle Evo

Dieting and biohacking are all very well but where do you go if you want to get RIPPED? You go to Muscle Evo. Lose fat, build muscle. That’s the Muscle Evo way. Their blogs have tons of information about protein use, rep numbers and supplements. We challenge you to read this blog and not come away feeling more manly.

Best Article: How to Lose Visceral Fat: Why It’s Easier Than You Think

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muscle evo

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