35 Manly Blogs For Men

35 manly blogs for men
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The Coolector

Who doesn’t like having cool stuff? Exactly. The Coolector knows how much people like stylish tech and has tailored his blog accordingly. Want a super stylish backup phone charger? Ask the Coolector. Retro computer keyboard? Ask the Coolector. Want a VR Headset that make you look slightly sane while wearing it? You get the idea.

Best Article: Love Hulten OriginXL

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the coolector

Bless This Stuff

If you like lusting after high end gadgets (or can actually afford to spend $150 on a phone charger) Bless This Stuff is your new best friend. In among the watch and razor reviews you’ll also get the low down on a 1951 Porsche 356 that recently sold at auction for a price that is too obscene to write down. Embrace your inner love of finer things and give Bless This Stuff a read.

Best Article: Seattle Floating Home

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bless this stuff


Sometimes a man wants to know the 20 best Nerf guns of 2018 AND which phone charger they need. GearMoose can do that and more. As well as schooling you in what’s what and (more importantly) what’s cool, GearMoose hasn’t forgotten that most people don’t have unlimited cash and so has plenty of ‘Best X for under Y’ lists.

Best Article: Boosted Mini Electric Skateboard

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gear moose

Man of Many

Many of Many is an absolute mecca for gadget heads. Not only does it have all your standard articles (phone/TV reviews) which are all good and well but MoM also has blogs on items no one ever thought they would need. Things like 24K Gold Airpod earphones. Things like a Marshall guitar amp with Amazon Alexa built in. The list goes on…

Best Article: Give Your Airpods the Midas Touch

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man of many


Sometimes a man just needs to know what’s what. Pocket-Lint is a UK blog that specialises in reviews, showing you exactly what you get with each device before you buy, be it TVs, phones, cars and even the latest smart home products. Never again will you have to turn your lights on by hand again like some sort of savage.

Best Article: Most incredible and insane records ever broken in tech

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pocket lint

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