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2019 hot list
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Adventure Instagrams

Emily Luxton Travels – @em_luxton

Emily’s Instagram is like a what’s what of all the things that should be on your bucket list. Whether she’s exploring Bangkok temples or heading out on a road trip across America, Emily tells her story through her thought provoking pictures as opposed to just going for the utterly spectacular views every time.

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emily luxton

Travels of Adam – @travelsofadam

If you’re a sucker for all things European then TravelsofAdam is the Instagram feed for you. Adam shows the sides of places like Berlin, Rome and Paris that rarely get seen. He’s recently gone stateside to live in the Big Apple so make sure you check out his most recent Insta stories.

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travels of adam

Jordan Bunker – @jordanbunker

If the travel side of Instagram travel accounts isn’t enough then check out Jordan Bunker who will have you traversing the UK and dressing like a thoroughbred clothes horse in no time. There’s also a lot of work gone into the presentation of his feed and the photos, so photography fans will also be well served here.

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jordan bunker

Backpacker Banter – @backpackerbanter

Backpack Banter’s leading man is taking on the world one country at a time and so far, succeeding! As a surfer he goes where the waves go a lot of the time so expect tropical beaches and terrifyingly awesome seascapes. Great for someone who wants the surfer life but saw Jaws too early in life…

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backpacker banter

Fresh & Fearless – @freshandfearless

Fresh & Fearless are perfect for escaping your 9 to 5 for a few minutes at a time. A great mix of intimate travel experience pics and spectacular cityscapes, their Instagram feed is an awesome collage of well… the entire world’s most amazing places. It’s what the world must be like for the less couch-bound.

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fresh and fearless

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