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48 Hours to Party in Prague

48hrs in Prague



You’ve landed…

Tray tables are up, wheels are down, the groom (who’s frightened of flying) has wiped the tears from his cheeks. Gentlemen, you’ve just landed in one of the hottest party capitals this planet has ever seen. Prepare yourselves for your epic stag weekend in Prague. It’s going to be wild!


Thirst things thirst…

Getting through the airport wasn’t too much of a pain in the Czech Republics and you arrive at your accommodation in no time. It’s the first night then boys, ditch the bags and hit the town! You’re going to want to bounce across to Wenceslas Square where the nightlife really kicks into gear.

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Bar no.1…

You’ve just had your first sip of a beer in the first bar, but you’re going to have to leave soon to join one of the long lines for one of Prague’s epic clubs… Oh no you won’t! Gary, the legend, had the foresight to arrange StagWeb’s Guest List Nightclubbing so you can skip the queues! Gary, you Beauty!


Prague doesn’t know what’s hit it…

So, after a couple more beers, you’ve bypassed the queues and now you’re in one of the city’s biggest party venues. The shots are flowing, the groom’s body popping, someone’s pulled out the worm, it’s all going off. You’re feeling great, you don’t think you’ll even be hungover in the morning…


The first morning…

You wake up with a chronic hangover. Well, these things happen, let’s crack on. Day one proper, time to find a hearty breakfast and get your bearings. Head across to the Old Town Square and chill out in one of the great cafes whilst soaking up some of the great sights. Two birds, one stone.


Stagtivity no.1…

Now that everyone’s feeling a little more human it’s time for your first mega stag activity. You’ve decided to ‘break the ice’ with some stag vs stag competition with a game of ice hockey. Obviously, you’re amazing at it whilst the groom spends half the time doing his best Bambi impression.

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You’re back in the centre of town and it’s lunch o’clock! Time to try some of the local cuisines and have a nice refreshing pint of pivo (beer). Pickled cheese is a ‘must try’ on your trip. Similar to Camembert, they soak it in oil, garlic, peppers and spices, and serve it with some tasty Czech bread.



After your refreshments, you want to squeeze in some sightseeing. The top tourist sights are the Astronomical Clock and Prague Castle, which are both pretty epic, but why not check out something a bit different like the Lennon Wall or an old air vent which has been converted into R2-D2?


Stagtivity no.2…

Stagtivity numero two. You’re in one of Europe’s most famous beer capitals and it’s a stag weekend, after all, you want to check out the local brews. Well with a brewery tour you can really get to know the local drinking scene and tee yourselves up for another evening on the town.



Though there are plenty of great restaurants in and around the city centre you and the boys plump for a dinner cruise. A great way to do a spot of sightseeing, try some great local food and relax ahead of an evening on the town.


Get me to the boozer(s)…!

You’re back on dry land and no one managed to fall overboard, congrats. Now you’ve fuelled yourselves for the night ahead you’re ready to go big for your final evening in the city. What better way to get things going than with a bar crawl which includes nightclub and lap dance club entry!

Top Prague nightlife


Never Leaving…

Yep, that’s it, you’re never going home, this place is just too good. The city’s fantastic, the nightlife is off the chain, the people are great, the beer is better than anything ever in the history of time. You’ll speak to your boss Monday and see if they have a Prague office…


Morning (hangover) no.2…

You wake up with a fuzzy head, there’s a tiger in the bathroom and Mike Tyson is annoyed. Oh, no, hang on, that was a different thing. You do wake up with a fuzzy head but you instantly don’t care because you remember you’ve gotten the groom a little surprise: a sexy wake up strip show!



After the boys and the blushing bridegroom have enjoyed the sexy wake-up call, you’ve got a bit of time to squeeze some more sightseeing in before another great activity. You quickly fire back to that café with the attractive waitress for a spot of breakfast before heading off around the city.



After breakfast, you take a leisurely stroll across Charles Bridge, one of the most popular attractions in the city, where you grab a few hungover squad selfies. You then decide to trek up the two-hundred-and-ninety-nine steps to Petrin Hill to check out the impressive views of this great city. Worth it.

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“When I say ‘pork’ you say ‘knuckle’. Pork…”

You’ve got time for a spot of lunch and an ice-cold beverage before your final activity. It’s about time you tried a Pork Knuckle. “Tell me more” we hear you say! Well, this Czech delicacy is a huge joint of pork which has been marinated in beer. Beer, meat, what more could you possibly want?!


Stagtivity no.3…

Your last stagtivity of the weekend! You and the boys get your game faces on for one last time as you take on an epic Escape Room. Think Crystal Maze meets The Cube meets Saw. You couldn’t have an epic weekend away without throwing in this awesome stag classic.


Done deal…

By some miracle, in your semi-hungover states, you manage to escape, which is just as well because you have to collect your things and head on over to the airport to fire back to Blighty. As much as you’d love to be trapped in such a great city the time has come to head on home.


Home time…

Tray tables up, wheels are down, groom’s crying like a little girl (again), you’re a little jaded, but you’ve gone hard in Prague and conquered the stag. Time to kick back, relax and bask in the glory of being absolute legends for arranging the best stag weekend imaginable.

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