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Top 35 Things to do in Budapest

35 things to do Budapest


So you’re heading on a Budapest stag do (or at least thinking about it), good for you, you obviously have impeccable taste. This is one of the most vibrant cities on the planet and a great place to kick off those stag celebrations. Not only does it have an incredible party scene it’s also got tonnes of cool places to check out, but that’s also why we’ve come up with a definitive list of the Top 35 Things to do in Budapest. So grab your passports, toothbrushes and flameproof underwear, it’s about to get lively!

The sections:

  1. Thermal Baths
  2. Famous Sights
  3. Activities
  4. Boozy Delights
  5. Food
  6. Stagtivities

1. Chill Out in the Thermal Baths

Let us paint you a picture… You wake up with a dry mouth and an excruciating headache, that last round of beers and local spirit Unicum (insert your own unicorn joke here) was definitely an error. What you need is a nice relaxing morning to soothe your hangover and perk you up for the rest of the day. Well, there’s no better way to start the day than with a long old soak in one of Budapest’s great thermal baths.

  • Gellért Baths

This impressive, indoor facility is next-level grandeur. Its glorious Art Nouveau style makes a regal place for you and the stags to have a relaxing dip. As well as a spa centre, it boasts an open-air pool and a range of saunas.

  • Szechenyi Spa Baths

Though there are a few dotted about, the Szechenyi Spa Baths are the daddy of all spa baths. For the most part, it’s a relaxing, hangover-curing haven, but on Saturday nights it turns into one of the biggest parties in town. Check out our stag spa package here.

thermal baths

2. Check Out Some Famous Sights

Right, I know it’s a stag do but you can’t spend every waking minute in the boozer, no matter how delicious the local beers are (and they are!). You need to get out and see the sights, stock up on a few Instagramable photos to prove you and the boys are being sophisticated sightseers, even just for the one day.

  • Fisherman’s Bastion

This striking gothic-styled building is seriously impressive. It was constructed at the start of the 20th century to commemorate the thousandth birthday of Hungary and they’ve gone all out. A great spot for a few squad selfies and to watch the world go by.

  • St Stephen’s Basilica

Another one of Budapest’s many remarkable structures. This iconic landmark in the city centre is all kinds of spectacular. You can even climb up the staircase to the cupola (roof dome) for some amazing views of the city.

  • Parliament Building

In keeping with the city’s neo-gothic style, the parliament building is truly a magnificent structure. The best place for a few snaps is directly opposite, across the river. The inside is equally as impressive and there are multiple daily tours on offer.


  • Buda Castle

A historic site boasting impressive views across the city, this is another must see on your tour of ‘Pest. Forget trudging up the hill to get here though, hop on the funicular (a mini cable car which transports you up the hill).

3. Activities

Sometimes trying to find things to do when you’re in a new city can be as tricky as trying to solve a Rubik’s Cube. Get the reference? If not, you need to bone up on your Hungarian general knowledge! Anyway, here are some cool things to do:

  • Explore the Labyrinth of Buda Castle

Garlic at the ready! Down in the depths of Buda Castle Hill, there’s a spooky labyrinth for you to explore which is said to be where Count Dracula was taken to be tortured. Halfway through you’ll encounter the Maze of Darkness where you’ll try and navigate your way through in the pitch black.

buda castle

  • Ecseri Flea Market

This quirky flea market located on the outer edge of the city is a great place to pick up a few souvenirs and check out some weird and wonderful treasures. Stag Challenge: set a spending limit, split into pairs or go off individually and see who can purchase the most bizarre or extravagant item.

  • AK47 Shooting

Oh yes, now we’re talking! This isn’t Call of Duty, this is the real deal. Take it in turns to shoot at targets as you and the stags battle it out to see who is the hottest marksman. Proper high-octane, action movie stuff. Check out our AK47 Shooting page for more details.

  • Invisible Exhibition

Spend an hour experiencing what it would be like to lose one of your primary senses: your sight. A guide will direct you through a series of scenarios (crossing the road, choosing spices for your lunch, paying for coffee in a bar) in complete darkness.

  • Pinball Museum

Forget your PlayBoxes and your X-Stations, it’s time to go full-on retro and play some pinball. That’s right, VR can do one! Get a tournament going between the boys to discover who’s the vintage gaming king, while the loser can get the beers in at your next boozy pitstop.

retro games

  • Explore the Jewish Quarter

Even if you were only going to Budapest for the day, we’d point you in the direction of the Jewish Quarter, that’s how highly we rate it. Not only is the architecture pretty damn special, but it’s also awash with cool bars, cafes, street food and art. A brilliant place to check out the local food and drinks!

  • Secret Walking Tour

Right, now, this is a secret remember, so don’t go telling everyone about it. We’ll just keep it between us and the rest of the internet for now. Check out all the hidden sights of the city as you are led around by a guide who knows all the coolest spots off the beaten track.

  • Roly Poly Show

If you’re thinking about booking up a stripper for the groom, go one step further and supersize it. This awesome prank is a great twist on a stag classic. The boys will be expecting a smoking hot stripper when in fact they’ll encounter a rather large lady. Check it out: Roly Poly Strip Show.

budapest activities

  • Check Out Normafa

Enjoy the views of this fantastic city and the stunning surrounding landscape from Normafa, the highest point in the city. For those of you feeling fit, you can stroll up to the top. For those of you feeling a little delicate or simply can’t be arsed, you can take the chairlift.

  • Boat Cruise on the Danube

There are boat cruises on the Danube and there are boat cruises on the Danube. This is most definitely the latter. Ok, you can book up any old cruise and have an ordinary trip checking out a few sights, or you could go on a StagWeb cruise with ice-cold beers and topless waitresses. Your choice.

River cruise

  • Cave Diving

Forget about scratching the surface of this great city, plough straight through and down into its lowest reaches with some epic cave diving. Underneath the city, there’s an entirely new world to explore. A big one for adventurous stags but check in advance as some require diving qualifications.

  • Watch a Film in Europe’s Smallest Cinema

Or so they claim! If you do a bit of googling, there are a few places that claim this accolade. But, whatever, the Cirkó Gejzír is pretty damn small and it’s also pretty damn cool. They screen both Hungarian films and international art house movies. A truly unique experience.

  • Ride the Budapest Eye

A trend that’s very much in vogue at the moment is cities building their very own London Eye and Budapest has hopped on the bandwagon. Though lots of places seem to be doing it, there is good reason for it: you get stunning views of the city.

  • Trabant Rally

Take part in a thirty-one-mile trip through the Pills Hills in your very own pink Trabant. That’s right, your very own Top Gear Challenge! It’s a great way to explore Hungary and a brilliant stagtivity to throw into proceedings. Read more about Trabant Rally.

Trabant tour

  • Tank Driving

Need I say more?! Seriously? Tank Driving! You get to drive a tank. Surely every boyhood dream come true. Not just looking at a tank, not just sitting in a tank, driving a tank. An epic activity we implore you to try. Check out Tank Driving on our website.

4. Boozy Delights

A section we imagine a few of you will have skipped down to. Well, it is a vital stag weekend component after all.

  • Sample Some Wine at Faust Wine Cellars

Hungary is famous for its wine (it’s not all Rubik’s Cubes) and the Faust Wine Cellars is the perfect place to refine those palates. You can grab a guided tasting session so you can learn all there is to know and you can sample some pálinka – a traditional Hungarian fruit brandy.

  • Party on a Ukrainian Ship

Regarded as one of the hottest nightclubs in the city, you can figuratively set sail for a night of ice-cold beers and partying ’til the early hours. You can’t literally set sail as the boat is moored here! A quirky, unique party venue for your epic trip to Hungary.

  • Have a Beer in Some Ruin Pubs

These are bars which have been constructed in old, rundown buildings which have been abandoned, mainly in the Old Jewish Quarter. They are quirky, vibrant and ultra-cool, each differing from the next. Be sure to check out Szimpla Kert, probably the best one, or take our Ruin Bar Guided Tour.


  • Crush a Few Beers in an Empty Swimming Pool

Again, not literally. We should explain this is a bar, we haven’t just found any old abandoned swimming pool where you can take a few tinnies and sit about in some raw sewage. Pagony Kert is a great little off-the-wall venue where you can enjoy some delicious beverages.

  • Enjoy the Views and a Drink in an Igloo Garden

“First a ship, then an empty swimming pool! What next, an Igloo Garden with 360-degree views of the city?” Well now that you mention it… Enjoy great panoramic views from a rooftop bar which, during the winter months, has eight heated igloos (domes) where you can chill out in the warm.

  • Guided Pub Crawl

Sometimes when you’re in a new city it can be tough to find some of the best drinking spots. Well, you can always take the hassle out of proceedings by booking up a Guided Pub Crawl! You’ll have an English-speaking guide take you around some of the best pubs in the city.

guided pub crawl

  • Check Out the Craft Beer District

You’re going to want to head to district IX if the groom and the stags are craft beer connoisseurs. This recent phenomenon has spread across the globe at an unprecedented rate and Budapest is no different. If you’re visiting in June be sure to try and time your trip for the Buda Castle Beer Festival.

5. Food

We flat out refuse to make a Hungary/hungry pun. We will not stoop that low. OK, we made a joke about Rubik’s Cubes and some pretty poor attempts at humour but we’re dead against this. Place name puns are the lowest form of wit. Anyway, Czech out these great foods and venues!

  • When I say ‘Gou’ you say ‘Lash’. ‘Gou’…! “

We know you’re probably going to be on the lash for most of the weekend, but you need to get on board with another lash when you’re in the Hungarian capital: the goulash! A hearty stew containing beef, spuds, carrots and spices.

  • Eat Like a Boss with some lángos

“When in Rome, do as the Romans do. When in Hungary, eat some lángos! ” That’s probably a famous saying, we imagine. Even if it isn’t it should be because lángos is the bomb. This treat is a deep-fried flatbread generally topped with cheese, garlic and sour cream.

  • Chimney Cake

Traditionally a regular feature at Christmas markets but vendors have started stocking it all year round due to its popularity. These funnel-shaped treats are either made from pastry or dough and have a variety of fillings. Hunt. Some. Down.

  • Strip Dinner

Pretty much what it says on the tin. Dinner, with a smoking hot strip show. 100% guaranteed to put smiles on all the stags faces and a perfect opportunity to refuel and gear yourselves up for an evening of partying. Read more about Strip Dinner.

strip dinner

  • Get Down to the Great Market Hall

You can fill your boots with goulash and lángos at the Great Market Hall, Budapest’s grandest and most famous marketplace where locals have stools selling the finest local delicacies. There are also loads of places to get some great souvenirs and it’s a great peek into day-to-day Hungarian life.

  • Farmer’s Market at Szimpla Kert

With its vibrant atmosphere, live music and a great selection of local produce, the bustling Farmer’s Market at Szimpla Kert is a great place to explore on a Sunday after a weekend partying. You’ll certainly be able to find some fresh local grub to cure any lingering hangovers.

  • Karaván Pop Up Market

Another great food haunt to visit, this great pop-up market near the Jewish Quarter offers plenty of Hungarian cuisine as well as some hangover-busting burgers. Cheap, delicious and a superb place to try all the local delicacies.


6. Stagtivities

If you’re heading to this buzzing party city on a stag do you’re going to want to check out our great range of stag activities on offer.

Be sure to head to our website for more info or speak to one of our friendly members of staff about creating that epic weekend away in Budapest.

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