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14 Unusual Activities To Do In Krakow

14 things Krakow

Krakow is a fantastic place to visit. The people are friendly, the drinks are cheap (and pretty hard hitting) and it’s packed with weird and wonderful activities, perfect for a stag party on the loose looking to try something different.

So grab your passports, wetsuits and a life-size cut out of Joana Krupa, here’s a rundown of some of the best things to do on your Krakow stag do.

Axe Throwing

It’s like darts for real men. But instead of teeny tiny, mini javelins and far too much jewellery, you get to lob lethal weapons at wooden targets to try and score the most points. Not only is this a real departure from your normal 9-5 life, but it’s also handy training for the zombie apocalypse (oh, it’s coming friends!).

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Axe throwing

AK47 Shooting

Time to bring out the big guns on your Polish weekend. One of the most notorious weapons ever made, these bad boys are terrifyingly powerful. This is a great bit of stag competition as you get to keep your targets once you’ve peppered them with holes. It’s also one of the harshest hangover cures on the planet!

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AK-47 shooting

Strip Sauna

You and your fellow travellers will have one-hour exclusive use of a swimming pool and sauna. As well as toasting the groom with a glass of bubbly, you can also watch his little face as a stunning stripper arrives and does what she does best.

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Strip Sauna

Whitewater Rafting

Head up stag creek with a paddle. This is a real test of teamwork, strength and willingness to overcome the obstacles. In this case a raging torrent (and raging hangovers?). A great way to clear your heads and see the beauty of the Polish countryside as you battle the rapids on a course used to train Olympians.

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White water rafting

Oil Wrestling

Perhaps the greatest stag prank of all time. The happy groom will enjoy watching two smoking hot, topless babes, wrestling in oil, right up until the moment they grab him and pull him towards the ring. You and the rest of the guys will then get to watch him go all Randy Savage as they pin him to submission in the slippery pool.

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Oil Wrestling

Beer Tasting

Poland has seen a massive surge in craft beer makers springing up around the country and it would be fair to say the Poles know a thing or two about drinking (it’s virtually a national sport!). Get your laughing gear around some of the best locally produced brews.

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Beer tasting

Escape Room

Escape rooms are sweeping the world as the ‘must do’ craze, but this is Krakow so of course, it has an even stranger twist. Once locked inside you have just 60 minutes to escape or it could be ‘Game Over…’ permanently!

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Escape room

Party Boat

Now we certainly don’t advocate anyone getting ship-faced, but this amazing party boat really does rock a good night. Welcome shots, party guides, unlimited drinks, DJ, top tunes, even a photographer to capture all the action.

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Boat party

Party Tram

“You’re gonna need a bigger boat” No we’re not, we need a tram! This isn’t any old tram, inside it’s decked out ready to “part…(wait for it)…AY!” The tram will head through the Old Town with a stocked bar, tunes, lights and a bottle of vodka for you, you can even add a stripper.

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Party tram

Roly Poly Show

Once seen, she can’t be unseen, this is one HUGE surprise to give the groom. A weekend he can’t forget (no matter how hard he tries). When he first sees this ‘stunner’ he won’t know whether she’s going to strip for him or eat him. He’ll soon be wishing it was the latter.

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Roly Poly Show

Vodka Tasting

Now if there’s one thing our Polish cousins really do understand, it’s vodka. During this great afternoon, you’ll get an education in Polish vodka from a local expert. You’ll get to try 10 different vodkas in total plus a selection of local delicacies.

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Vodka Tasting


A totally magical experience as you head off the beaten track on an epic eight-mile mountain trek. With two local guides leading the way you’ll be riding high powered snowmobiles into the rugged, but utterly spectacular, scenery. A once in a lifetime experience.

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Stadium Hire

Take the beautiful game overseas and play in your own stadium. It’s a chance to feel like internationals (if you ignore the beer guts and just how unfit half the guys are). After all those years banging on about how he could/should have turned pro, the groom can finally get his boots dirty on foreign soil.

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Stadium Hire

Cocktail Mixing

You’ll no doubt be enjoying the odd drink or two while you’re in Poland (it would be rude not to), and now you can mix your own with an expert mixologist teaching you the basics. You’ll learn how to mix a number of classic man cocktails. The perfect end to a great weekend in this party-loving destination.

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Cocktail making

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