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30 Cool Things to do in Bratislava

30 cool things to do bratislava

Bratislava is undoubtedly one of Europe’s biggest and baddest party cities and one of our personal favourites. The nightlife is off the scale, the people are great, the sights are the bomb and there are loads of cool activities to do. Here are the best things for you to do/try/see on your Bratislava stag do.

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1. Sightseeing Spots

Come on then fellas, if you were going to spend every second of the stag do in the pub you may as well have stayed in Blighty and gone down the local for a couple of Britney (Spears, beers). Yes, the beverages are next level, but if you’ve come all the way to Bratislava you need to check out some of the best sights so you can stock up on some brilliant photos to swamp your Instagram feed. So here are some of the city’s best spots for those epic squad selfies.

Bratislava Castle

It’s not a visit to an Eastern European city if there’s not a castle involved, but this one is all sorts of impressive. Situated on a hill above the Old Town, you’ll have great views across the city and the Danube. Selfie Sticks at the ready! ‘Selfie sticks?! We aren’t nine!’ Well, why did you pack one then?


Old Town

This one requires zero effort to check out. This is where you’ll find the best bars, clubs, cafes and restaurants and should be top of your ‘must do’ list. Hlavné námestie, the main square, is the major hub of the city and boasts some of the best Gothic buildings in the country.

Street Art

This is a great way to see the city and get some Instagramable snaps. Bratislava has loads of amazing murals which have sprung up in the age of graffiti. But there’s a big difference between graffiti and street art. Be sure to check out Petržalka, Old Town and Prístavná Street for some of the best.

UFO Bridge

Forget about wedding suits, it’s time to don the space suits and check out the UFO Bridge. If Neptune has a bridge, we imagine this is what it looks like. The best part is the observation deck, located ninety-five metres off the ground, which has astonishing views of the city.

For those of you who didn’t know, UFO is short for
Unidentified Flying Object and ET is short because he has little legs.

UFO bridge

Chill Out on Magio Beach

For those of you who are geography literate, this is a confusing statement, for those who don’t know what we’re talking about just have a gander at a globe. ‘It’s landlocked, how’s there a beach?!’ We have two words for you: Imported. Sand. Enjoy a cocktail on the ‘beach’ in the summer!

2. Mega Activities

A wise man once said, ‘When you go to Bratislava for an epic stag do, make sure you throw a few awesome activities into the mix!’ Whether it was Plato, Albert Einstein or the Danny Dyer, we can’t quite remember, but one thing is for certain, they were right. Check out some of Bratislava’s great activities below.

Beer Bicycle

Sightseeing meets epic activity meets the boozer! The Beer Bicycle is potentially the complete stagtivity. You get to tour the city, in the open air, whilst enjoying some ice-cold beers. Hop aboard and pour as you pedal! ‘No dear, we didn’t just sit in the pub the whole time, we went cycling!’

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Beer Bike

Machine Gun Shooting

The groom may be a sharpshooter on Call of Duty, but how would he fare with a real-life AK in his mitts. Time to lock and load gents as you take on one of Bratislava’s manliest activities with a spot of Machine Gun Shooting. Utter stag mayhem!

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Machine Gun

Ice Hockey Spectating

Who doesn’t love a bit of sporting competition?! Although Ice Hockey isn’t particularly popular in the UK it’s one of Slovakia’s premier sports. Fast, brutal and ruthless, it’s carnage like you’ve never experienced. Check out our Ice Hockey Spectating page for more details.

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Ice Hockey


‘White water rafting?’ Done it! ‘Kayaking?’ Completed it, mate! ‘Hydrospeeding?’ You what-when-who-how?! This is water sports taken to the extreme. Blast down some rapids on a board as you and the boys get the adrenaline pumping Bratislava style.

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Extreme Water Jetpack

We’re really cranking up the stag chaos with this one. You’ll be strapped into your very own water jetpack and will attempt to stay airborne as you’re pulled about by a Jet Ski. Get ready to laugh, fly, plunge and laugh some more as you and the boys get a royal soaking.

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Water Jetpack

Oil Wrestling

The ultimate stag prank. You and the boys will kick back with a few beers as you watch two unbelievably hot babes slather up in oil and then wrestle. But that’s not all! After two rounds of grappling they’ll then look for a new opponent… the groom!

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Oil Wrestling

Bubble Football

A stag classic for a reason. Bubble football is carnage. It’s fast, furious and downright hilarious. You can even throw in a drop-dead gorgeous referee into the mix to keep a sexy eye on you all as you take the beautiful game to the next level.

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Bubble Football


Yep, that thing we’ve all seen on the Winter Olympics and thought ‘how hard can that be?!’ Well now it’s your chance to give it a go. Grab a broom, grab some stones, laugh as the groom does a great impression of Bambi and have at it.

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Clay Shooting

Is it a bird, is it a plane? No, it’s a lump of clay and you and the boys are going to try and blast it out of the sky. Get out of the city and find out who the true marksman is with this all-action man sport. Guns, competition and a whole lot of laughs.

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Clay Shooting

3. Food Glorious Food

You’ll always have that one mate who will try and seek out fish and chips when they’re abroad. Every. Single. Time. You’re on the continent for crying out loud, time to try something new! And a ‘liquid dinner’ doesn’t count, gents!

Soup in a Giant Roll

We’re so keen on this one we’re going to bring it back to Britain (Full-English in a loaf of bread anyone?). Enjoy a hearty garlic soup in a stag-sized, hollowed out, crusty bread roll. A great, healthy dinner which will get you ready and raring for a big night on the town.

Homemade Ice Cream

Nothing says holiday abroad like ice cream. Yes, you’re not in rainy Weston-Super-Mud now, you’re in bustling Bratislava and they are famed for their incredible homemade ice cream. Just stroll around the Old Town and you’ll find loads of authentic ice cream shops.


Dumplings with Sheep’s Cheese

The thought of Sheep’s Cheese may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but we think it’s baaa-rilliant! When you’re in Bratislava you have to try the nation’s favourite dish: bryndzové halušky. We’re talking potato dumplings and sheep’s cheese with bacon chunks and sour cream.

4. Places to Chow Down

There are places to eat and then there are places to eat. OK, sometimes you’ll stumble across an absolute gem whilst you’re trudging about, but you can end up in some real stinkers. If you want somewhere a bit special, these are a great place to start.

UFO Restaurant

Oh yeah! High up on the tower of the UFO bridge is a great restaurant where you and the boys can dine and take in the fantastic views. These guys serve up food from around the world and the service it tip top. If you’re looking for class, this is it.


Slovak Pub

If you want something a little less high-end, but still absolutely delicious, then the Slovak Pub is the place. They serve up all the traditional local grub including the garlic soup in the bread roll we were banging on about. As the name suggests they also provide some great beers.

Dine in an Old Supermarket

Yep, you can eat out in an old supermarket. On the face of it, it doesn’t sound like the wildest place to have dinner, but when you delve a little deeper you can see it’s pretty epic. The Bokovka serves great beer and local cuisine in a quirky former food shop.

Medieval Banquet

After checking out the epic Bratislava Castle you and the boys will probably fancy some food fit for kings. Well the Medieval Banquet will sort you right out! A female guide will meet you and bring you to this impressive restaurant where you will dine like lords. ‘All hail king stags!’

Medieval Banquet

TV Tower Restaurant

UFOs, supermarkets, medieval banquets and now TV tower restaurants, you may be beginning to think we are pulling your leg, but seriously these places are the bomb. Kamzik Tower not only serves up great food, but you can also see far and wide from the top. You can even see Hungary on a clear day [Insert food pun here].

5. Where and what we drinking then?

And now for the moment, you’ve all been waiting for… the drinking delights Bratislava has to offer. In 2018 Slovakia was ranked tenth in the world for the booziest nations, so they know a thing or two about an alcoholic beverage! Step this way…

Public Toilet

‘You lot are taking the p***!’ No, we really aren’t! This place is a must visit if you’re looking for great beer at affordable prices, music nights, beer pong, mega parties and more. The guys at Papichulo know how to throw a party and these will go on long into the night.


Bermuda Triangle

We all know the stories about the infamous place in the Atlantic where people disappear, well Bratislava has its own version in the form of a collection of great bars and bars. It’s not as sinister as the real thing, but they say people enjoy this place so much they go off and don’t turn up for days.

Guided Pub Crawl

Possibly the best way to immerse yourselves in Bratislava’s drinking culture and get to know some of the best pubs is on our Guided Pub Crawl. You won’t encounter any hassle getting into the best places around and your English-speaking guide will give you a tour of the finest venues.

Guided Pub

Party in a Bunker

Situated under Castle Hill, this is the place to go for an evening partying if you like electronic beats. It goes well and truly off, and the party rattles on into the small hours of the morning. Ideal for the groom’s mega night out.

The Craft Beer Scene

Bratislava is a beer haven and like everywhere on the planet its craft beer scene has exploded in recent years. Be sure to check out the epic Meštiansky Pivovar – which does un-beer-lievable beer and food – and the brilliant Zámocký Pivovar! Did someone say ‘p*** up in a brewery?’



Inspired by Oktoberfest, this is the biggest beer festival in the country! After a ten-year hiatus, they return again in 2019 to bring you an unforgettable boozy experience. If you’re lucky enough to be heading to Bratislava in June, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.


The national beverage of Slovakia. If you’re a fan of gin, then you are in for a treat my friends. This boozy delicacy is flavoured with juniper berries and is properly delicious. If it were a donkey, we’d tell you not to stand behind it because it’s got a hell of a kick.

The Café Scene

It’s not all beer, beer, beer. Bratislava also has a phenomenal café culture. Yes, fellas, you’re going to have to energise yourselves somehow for all the epic activities you have planned. Be sure to check out Five Points who make an amazing ‘selfieccino’. A cappuccino with your face on the top.

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