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48 Hours to Party in Barcelona

48 hours in Barcelona


Let the chaos commence…

*Bing-bong* “This is the final boarding call for passengers on flight SW8340 to your Barcelona stag do. The final checks are being completed as we prepare to jet off to one of the best party cities on the planet! Get ready fellas, it’s gonna be a big’un!


The airport…

After carving through the airport faster than the groom avoiding his round, you’re waiting in the blazing Spanish sunshine waving at taxis. It’s the groom’s big send-off before he takes the plunge into marital abyss, better give him a weekend to remember.


5 minutes later…

You’re all still hanging about outside the airport. Gary said he’d sort a taxi, but he’s just stood there with a stupid grin on his face. “Gary, you plum, what’s going on?!” Suddenly, you see a stretch limo appear out of nowhere and as if by magic a smoking hot stripper hops out. “Gary, how could we ever doubt you?!” Strip Limo is the perfect way to travel in style.



Let’s see what Barcelona’s sayin’…

You, the stags and the blushing bridegroom reach the hotel after the ride of your lives, but there’s no time to waste, it’s the first night, you fling the bags in the room and hit the town. You head to Las Ramblas where the party goes off. The beers are flowing, the shots are piling up and Jon has already started telling people he could’ve played for Barcelona if his knee hadn’t packed up…

Barcelona Hotels


The club…

You slalom through the line to the club like Lionel Messi through a Sunday League defence. No  queuing tonight boys, Gary was a genius and booked up StagWeb’s Guest list Nightclub Entry. “Gary, you legend!” Time to set it off!


Two beers, please…

You’re at the bar, trying to remember what Kyle told you was Spanish for two beers. “Soy una chica bonita!” The barman looks at you with a confused expression. A helpful bilingual lady next to you kindly explains you just told the bartender that you’re a ‘pretty little girl’. No beer for Kyle.



The first morning…

The sunlight blasts you in the face because you forgot to draw the curtains. You reach for the glass of water by your bed and take a huge swig… nope, that’s not water, back out that goes. You get up and head back to the brilliant Gothic Quarter to a café for a hearty breakfast before you head out for your first activity. “Doce Spanish omelettes, por favour!”


Stagtivity no.1…

Right, the sun’s out, you’re not spending a second indoors unless it’s an epic bar. Good job you booked up Ringos as your first stagtivity. No, not the drummer from the Beatles, although you may be visiting an octopus’s garden if you fly off! You and the boys are placed into giant water rings and are pulled along by a speedboat. High speed, high thrills, high spills!

Barcelona Activities


Stagtivity no.2…

“People say a full English is a great hangover cure, but I think Ringos trumps it!” You make it back to land in one piece and you want to dry off. What better way to do that than with some Beach Games?! We’re talking football, we’re talking volleyball, we’re talking beers, we’re talking sunshine, we’re talking hot beach babes. “To think we nearly booked the groom’s stag in drizzly Preston!”



After lunch it’s time for a spot of sightseeing. You head on over to the highly impressive La Sagrada Familia where you get a camera roll full of snaps for your Instagram Story and some squad selfies to prove you were sophisticated sightseers and didn’t just spend all weekend sinking beers in the boozer!

La Sagrada Familia


Stagtivity no.3…

Stagtivity número tres time, muchachos, and this one ticks all the boxes, there’s even a famous saying about it: ‘When in Rome, do as the Romans do. When in Barcelona, spend an epic afternoon enjoying a Beer Tasting & Brewery Tour‘. You get a behind the scenes tour from a master brewer who gives you some top tips for brewing at home!

Brewery tour


The dilemma …

After your afternoon tasting the finest beery beverages Barcelona has to offer, you’re ready and raring for a night on the town, but you and the boys need to eat. Trying to find somewhere to cater for you all is gonna be a right pain in the Tiki-Taka’s. If only there was a way to combine food, drinks and a night out…



Bosh, StagWeb have come up with the goods again, the ultimate stag cocktail for an evening in Barcelona. Steak, Stripper, Drinks and Club Package. That’s right, a banging three course meal, a free round of drinks, a raunchy strip show and entry into one of Barcelona’s hottest nightclubs!

Barcelona Nightlife


“I’m staying…”

It’s the early hours of the morning, the party is still bouncing, and you’ve decided you’re never leaving, Barcelona’s just too good! Why would you go back to the rain and misery of Blighty?! This is your home now. You could learn Spanish; how hard could it be?! “Bonjour! Mein name ist Rodney… arrivederci…!” Nailed it!


Morning/Hangover no.2…

You wake up and it feels like you’ve been kicked in the head by a mule and you could sand a door down with your tongue. Might have had one beer too many last night. Oh well, shake it off, time to crack on. It’s the final day and you and the boys have a jam-packed schedule before you have to leave.


Stagtivity no.4…

You speedily grab some breakfast and head on out for the mother of all tours. You get to walk in the footsteps of gods. That’s right, you and the boys will get to walk where Lionel Messi has walked, Diego Maradona, Johan Cruyff, Richard Witschge, “Who?” (maybe not). The footy mad groom and the stags bask in the magnificence of a football temple with the official Camp Nou Stadium Tour.

Football Stadium



After your tour of the footballing equivalent of heaven, you and the boys have time for a spot of lunch before your final stagtivity. It’s about time you tried some local cuisine and, fellas, you can’t go to Spain and not try some paella. No way, Jose!


Stagtivity no.5…

The last stag activity. Game faces on guys, it’s time to tackle a stag classic with an eerie Escape Room. You and the boys attempt to battle through a twisted story and get out before the hour’s up. If not, you’ll be trapped… forever! It’s a big Crystal Maze, Saw, the Cube mashup!

Escape room



Somehow you manage to escape, who knew Nigel was a secret brainbox, he looks like he’s never sat on a chair before. Although you’re happy you got out, there’s also a tinge of sadness. If you hadn’t escaped, you’d have had to stay in Barcelona for the rest of your days, what a shame that would be…


Over and out…

*Bing-bong* “This is the final boarding call for passengers on flight SW4722 back to Blighty, jobs, normal life and no 24hr drinking. But there’s no need to be down, you’ve gone and arranged a brilliant stag do. You Sir are a stag legend!”

Barcelona Deals

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