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5 Reasons Madrid is an Epic Party City

5 reasons to visit Madrid

Right then fellas, if you’re thinking about heading on a Madrid stag do for the groom’s big send-off, you’re in luck, it’s one of the biggest party cities this planet has ever seen, it is perfect for a stag do. Whatever you look for in an evening out, it’s got it.

Party all night in a mega club? Got it! Quirky backstreet bars? Yep! Rock, pop, house, techno, electronic, hip hop nights? Si, si, si! Incredible festivals throughout the year? You bet! You name it, it’s got it! So here are the five main reasons why Madrid is an epic party city and a great place to host your mammoth stag weekend.

Reasons it’s an epic party city:

  • Its party districts
  • Its bar scene
  • Its nightlife
  • Its festivals
  • It is doable on a budget

party districts

As you’d expect of any capital city, there are a variety of districts where the fiesta goes off, and Madrid is no different. Each area has a great array of clubs, bars or both so you can party into the early hours.


This is party central! If you’re looking for the main spot most people head to, then this is it. With loads of top bars and clubs in a small vicinity, you and the boys will be spoilt for choice and will be able to bounce about with ease.


The alternative area! If you prefer a quirky boozer to a blaring nightclub then Malasaña is for you. Say goodbye to the international lagers and hello to the local craft beers at Fábrica Maravillas (a great little bar) or check out Ojalá which is a funky cocktail joint where the floor is covered in sand.

La Latina

The pre-party section! A great place to fuel up on tapas and have an ice-cool beer, this is the place to go before midnight to gear up for the big night ahead. On the weekends, it’s an ideal spot to sit out on a terrace and soak up some sun.

Barrio De Las Letras

The literary quarter! On the edge of the party region of Huertas. When we say a literary quarter, we don’t mean it’s awash with libraries and pretentious novelists, this used to be the beating heart of Spanish writing and there is a brilliant range of pubs and bars.

The Bar Scene

There are literally hundreds of bars in this great city so you and your fellow stags will be spoilt for choice.

Bar Cock

We’ll leave the jokes to you, boys. Bar Cock is a great little venue for a sophisticated tipple before you hit the town (well, as sophisticated as it gets when you’re all fighting to make the best ‘Bar Cock’ joke).

Calle Reina, 16, 28004

Fatigas del Querer

A great little funky pub where you can go for a bang-up meal before the shenanigans commence. Be sure to check out their meal-of-the-day or try some famous tapas.

Calle de la Cruz, 17, 28012

bar crawl

El Chapandaz

Is it a pub? Is it a cave? Well, it’s actually both! We don’t just mean it’s underground, it’s actually a cave. With its stalactites and stalagmites, it’s a great place to swing by for a beer or three.

Calle de Fernando el Católico, 77, 28015

Circulo de Bellas Artes

This rooftop bar is all sorts of epic. The views are spectacular and it’s a great place to chill out in the blazing Spanish sunshine with a few ice-cold beers before you head for that big evening on the town.

Calle de Alcala, 42, 28014

Guided Pub Crawl

A great way to see some of the best drinking spots this epic city has to offer is with StagWeb’s Guided Pub Crawl. A friendly (often sexy) guide will lead you to some of the city’s best pubs and bars and it’s a great way to meet other party revellers on your big stag trip to Spain.


When we say you can party all night in Madrid, we’re not talking until 3am, we’re talking until the sun comes up. By three, the party is only just kicking into gear. So you’ll be able to dance right through until breakfast and then head to a café for a Spanish Omelette.

Teatro Kapital

Seven floors of chaos. Yep, that’s not a typo, seven! It has everything from house music and dance to funk and R&B. There’s even Karaoke on the second floor. This place goes off!

Calle de Atocha, 125, 28012 | Open until 6am Thursday – Saturday (Time vary other days)

Serrano 41

An upmarket club which will cost a bit more but it’s worth it if you’re looking for a classier night on the town. They host a banging hip hop night on a Sunday!

Calle Serrano, 41, 28001 | Open until 6am Friday – Sunday (Time vary other days)

La Riviera

A mashup of a bar, nightclub and gig venue, this epic place opened fifty years ago, and the party’s been bouncing ever since. The music varies depending on the event, but you’ll be sure to have an amazing night whatever.

Paeseo Bajo de la Virgen del Puerto, s/n, 28005 | (Time vary depending on events)



Another mega club, located on the edge of Madrid, so it would require a taxi or a bus to get to, but it’s definitely worth it. If you love techno and electro beats and a party that doesn’t stop, this is the place to be.

Av. De la Industria, 82, 28970 Humanes de Madrid | (Time vary depending on events)

Joy Eslava

This grand former theatre which has been converted into a nightclub is the perfect place for stag royalty to party long into the night. Bask in all its grandeur as you throw some shapes into the early hours.

Calle del Arenal, 11, 28013 | Open until 6am

Nightclub Entry

Be sure to dodge the long lines at Madrid’s biggest nightclubs with StagWeb’s Nightclub Entry. Less time queuing, more time partying. Speak to a member of our team today for more info.


Not only does Madrid have a great bar and nightlife scene, but this great party city also has festivals throughout the year, so not only can you enjoy the permanent party fixtures, you can try and catch one of their other famous events.

Carnival – March

Coinciding with the end of Winter, this party hits the streets with colour, parades and fireworks. The nightlife around this time of year is on another level.

Mula Fest – June

A festival celebrating urban culture in the Spanish capital, skateboarding, tattooing, BMX, graffiti artists, dancers, electronic music and more.

Mad Cool Festival – July

One for rock and indie fans, Mad Cool houses the hottest artists in this three-day festival which attracts over 80,000 party goers each day. Pearl Jam, the Arctic Monkeys and Foo Fighters have all headlined.


Dcode – September

This one-day festival is a biggie. Another one indie, pop and rock fans will love as big-name acts fly in and set it off. Liam Gallagher, Franz Ferdinand and Mark Ronson have all taken to the stage in recent years.

Oktoberfest – September/October

It’s like the German version, just smack bang in the middle of Madrid, in the blazing sunshine. Oktoberfest 2.0 you might say! Book tickets early to avoid disappointment.

Doable on a budget

OK, though it may not be as cheap as jetting off to an Eastern European city for a stag do, it is still possible to have an affordable, budget-friendly stag weekend in Madrid. If you want high-end then you’ll be able to get it, but at StagWeb we can create a package to suit your needs, which won’t be too painful on the old wallet. Just tell us your budget and we can do all the leg work, crunch the numbers and produce a quick, no obligation quote! Speak to a member of our team today and we can help you forge that epic stag trip to the Spanish capital in no time.

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