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Stag Do Guide to Edinburgh

Stag Do Guide to Edinburgh

Edinburgh’s legendary comedy festival attracts the funniest faces in the world of comedy. So, we sent Jamie ‘Funny Bones’ Birleson, our Edinburgh Destination Specialist, to the comedy capital armed with his worst jokes and winning smile. Here’s his rundown of this amazing party city. Or start planning your Edinburgh Stag Do today!

Best Bar For Laughs

Frankenstein’s is one of the Fringe venues so has genuine comedy credentials for visitors ripping into the groom. It’s weird in a way that all the best stag party venues are. Upstairs there’s a steampunk, Frankenstein vibe, while downstairs there’s a bierkeller with amazing food and hilarious live comedy band. The menu is packed full of man-food (steaks, burgers, nachos, schnitzel) making this a top choice for any big weekend.

Frankenstein’s – 26 George IV Bridge, EH1 1EN

Frankenstein bar

Best Local Poison

If you’re thinking of going to whisky and not sampling the Edinburgh, then you’re doing it wrong. Ok, so I’m writing this bit having exitited… excited… left the awesome Whisky Tour. Yes, I spent a little too long in there, but they have the world’s largest scotch whisky collection, there’s a ride, tasting sessions, you get your own glass and they even teach you how to taste whisky like a pro. And they kept on teaching me because I’m very lovable. I’m also going for a lie down because my legs feel wobbly.

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Whiskey Tour

Best Local Bar

Despite having done plenty of research during my many visits to Edinburgh I’m not going to pick just one bar. Along Edinburgh’s Royal Mile leading from the Castle down to the Queen’s current gaff, there is a myriad of pubs and bars. The famous challenge “To do the mile” means having a drink in every bar on your way down the hill. It is, of course, impossible, there’s way too many, but the pubs you’ll find are steeped in history and have welcomed some legendary drinkers: Sir Walter Scott, Sean Connery, Iain Glen, Burke and Hare. Even the Proclaimers grew up in Edinburgh before walking 500 miles.

Bar Tips

Do whisky. Not lots of it obviously, that would be foolish and not something you’d catch me doing (*innocent face*). But Edinburgh has hundreds and hundreds of different whiskies to try and many brilliant barmen that really know their stuff, so this is a great place to find your perfect tipple.

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Top 5 Things to Do in Edinburgh

  1. Highland Games – Where men are men and haggis are nervous. A true sporting test.
  2. Eat Haggis – Stop playing with your food and eat it!
  3. Rage Buggies – Get off-road and personal and discover Edinburgh’s rugged side.
  4. Electric Chopper Instagram Tour – Cool eco-friendly bikes and amazing arty photos. Hipster!
  5. Write a Million – Write a book about a boy wizard and earn trillions like former Edinburgh local JK Rowling.

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Best Man Food

If you’re from south of the border and determined to ‘go native’ and try some haggis Whiski Bar, right on the Royal Mile, is the place to do it. They have some amazing dishes featuring the star ingredient and served with a ‘wee dram’. This time I popped in for breakfast because when in Rome/Edinburgh…

Whiski Bar 119 High Street, EH1 1SG

Whiski Bar

Best Activity

I’m lucky, Edinburgh is one of my favourite cities to visit regularly (it’s how we get the best prices). It’s packed with amazing activities, but adventure-loving stags should dive into a Ducky. They’re essentially two-man whitewater rafts that will push you and a mate to the absolute limit!

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Best Way to Get About the City

Travel doesn’t get more stylish than these funky, eco-friendly electric choppers. They’re brilliant fun to ride, cuddly to polar bears and you get to stop along the tour to take stylish photos of Edinburgh’s edgiest sites.

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 Electric Chopper Instagram Tour

Top Edinburgh Tip

You don’t have to drink the Royal Mile; you can just do the walk and stop off halfway for a drink. It’s a great way to get a taste of Edinburgh with its incredible architecture, shops, statues, stairs (Edinburgh has a lot of stairs!), and street performers. Start at the castle and it’s downhill all the way to the Scottish Parliament.

Whiski Bar

Anything to Declare

My favourite joke from the Festival; My girlfriend told me: ‘Sex is better on holiday.’ Worst postcard I ever received.

It’s ok, you can keep that one, but if we ever meet in Edinburgh, you owe me a dram.

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